How to deal with an enderman in Minecraft

Every Minecraft gamer will encounter terrifying enemies and scary monsters on their way. Many hostile mobs were inspired by horror movies and real horror stories, including endermen, skeletons, and zombies.

Enderman, one of the most terrifying mobs in Minecraft, was created by the legendary Slender Man. Endermen mobs are made to look like Slender Man’s tall, lanky stature.

Enderman is considered a neutral mob. They won’t attack anyone unless provoked. To keep safe, players can avoid looking at Enderman’s faces.

Endermen are the only Minecraft mob to spawn in all three dimensions. Endermen can be defeated to earn ender pearls which can be used to activate the end portal.

5) Create a shelter two blocks tall

Enderman, as of Minecraft 1.17, is the tallest mob. Their biggest problem is their height. To kill Endermen, players can easily hide in a shelter two blocks tall.

Endermen can’t attack but they will be angry and present themselves right in front of the player. This method can be used by players to earn XP and emeralds, without having to build a farm.

4) Endermen suffer water-related injuries

Endermen are amazing creatures that have special abilities. They also have their flaws. They can sustain damage from water contact.

Many players have seen Endermen randomly teleport from one location to the next during rain. This is because they are receiving damage. To keep Endermen away, players can use a water bucket.

3) Don’t use projectiles

All types of projectile attacks are ineffective against Endermen. Endermen can deflect projectiles and teleport to other places instantly. They can only be hit with melee weapons.

To kill Enderman groups, players can use powerful enchantments such as Sharpness V and Sweeping Edge III to their weapons, also known for haunting.

2) Don’t use the Fire Aspect

While fire is the best way of killing most mobs in Minecraft’s world, it is not the best for Endermen. Fire does cause damage to Endermen, but players should not attack them with Fire Aspect Enchantment because of their “on fire” behavior.

Endermans that are affected by fire will teleport to random places until the fire is extinguished. This can cause them to teleport too far and players will not get ender pearls.

1) Use boats

Enderman is a regular mob and not a boss mob. Endermen can be trapped in Minecraft by players using boats. Endermen won’t be able to teleport away once they have been trapped. This trick is often used by speedrunners to quickly and safely get their ender pearls.


Tips for iron mining

The popular sandbox game Minecraft 1.18 has received a lot of updates. Mojang declared Caves and Cliffs to be their biggest update. The distribution of different ores is one of the most significant changes to the game.

Iron is the most commonly used metal among the many metals and resources in Minecraft. Every player can use iron in a variety of ways, from beginners to professionals. Iron is used to create tools, weapons, armor and many other items. The new Minecraft 1.18 update will make it slightly easier to search for iron.

5) A good enchanted pickaxe

Pickaxes are the only method to mine iron. However, a good combination of enchantments could give players an iron stack from just a few iron blocks. A fortune enchantment can give you more iron from an oreblock.

4) Mine at level Y 15

Players will find good iron when they mine at Y-level 15. This is because of the new ore distribution introduced in Minecraft 1.18. Mojang has released a chart that explains the ore distribution. It shows how much iron is generated at Y-level 15.

(3) Mine in the mountains

Minecraft 1.18 has another change. The mountains will now house large amounts of iron ore. Developers also confirmed that iron can be found in tall mountains.

2) Iron Golem Farm

Although this is not a novel way to get lots of iron, the farm’s high yield rate makes it a top choice. Iron Golem, as players are well aware, is made of Iron. Iron ingots are what players get upon their death. Players can build a productive Iron Golem farm in just a few hours and get a lot of iron.

1) Iron Ore Veins

The ore vein generation is one of the best features in the game. Minecraft 1.18 will introduce rare ore veins, which can hold thousands of ore blocks. Players will have abundant iron if they find an iron ore vein.


Guide to conduits in Minecraft

Conduits are one the less-known items in Minecraft. There are many items in Minecraft that give players special powers, such as Beacons, enchantments and potions. However, conduits can also be helpful.

Minecraft has more than half of its world filled with water bodies. The game’s oceans are huge and contain many hidden secrets that players want to discover. These are where conduits enter the picture. They have many powers that allow players to explore the depths of the ocean. It is difficult to make a conduit and use it properly.

How to activate and make a conduit

A conduit is a rare item. It can only be made by one player using eight nautilusshells and one heart of the ocean. It is difficult to find these items, making it more difficult to create a conduit.

Once they have the heart and nautilus shells of the sea, players can create a conduit. Players will then need to locate a place in the water body that conduits can activate. Only conduits can be activated if they are placed around prismarine block. Therefore, players should always have some.

Three 5×5 open spaces with prismarine block will be required to be built around the conduit. One square should be around each axis. Between the conduit and the prismarine blocks frames, a minimum of three waterblocks should be placed. Players can then remove any extra blocks they have used after the conduit has been activated.

Conduit powers

A conduit will begin moving once activated. Particles can be seen around the conduit. Players will be able to use the conduit’s powers once it is activated. The status effect ‘Conduit Power’ activates, which restores oxygen to the player and gives them night vision. It also increases the mining speed by 16.7%.

Within eight blocks of the conduit, the conduit can also be used to attack hostile mobs such as Drowned, Guardians, and Elder Guardians. The conduit’s effective radius can also be increased by increasing the dimensions of the frames surrounding it. When placed, it emits light at 15 mW.


Fire-proof mobs in Minecraft

Over 50 mob types are available in Minecraft. Mojang updates their game every year with new monsters and animals. This makes the mob list seem to grow each year. Mobs can be found in every dimension and biome of Minecraft.

There are some mobs that have particular strengths and weaknesses. Enderman, for example, are resistant to projectile attack but take water damage. Many other mobs, however, are immune to fire damage.

Players should be aware of which monsters are immune from fire damage before confronting them. This article lists Minecraft mobs that are immune to fire damage, including enchantments, lava and magma blocks.

Minecraft has fire-resistant mobs

5) Zombie piglin

The undead piglins known as zombie piglins can be found in the Nether realm. These monsters can also be spawned from the nether portal. Unlike piglins, zombie piglins are completely immune to fire.

Players can push piglins through lava seas in Nether realms and watch them emerge unscathed. Players cannot use lava to destroy zombie piglins in automated farms.

4) Ghasts

Ghasts, a hostile flying mob, are found all over the Nether realm. Ghasts may be seen by many players as they dive into lava seas and pass through falling lava. Ghasts are not affected by lava so players use wither roses to kill them in automated mob farms.

3) Remove skeletons

Wither skeletons can apply status effects to their enemies, making them one of the few mobs that Minecraft has. This mob, which wields a sword, inflicts 10 seconds of wither on the player when it strikes.

Wither skeletons have a dangerous ability. They are also immune from fire damage. To get rare drops, players can create a farm withering skeletons.

2) Wither

Wither boss, like wither skeletons is also immune from fire damage. Because they are created using wither skull skulls, this is not surprising. Wither, unlike other fire-resistant mobs can pull lava away. The Nether realm is more exciting and challenging than the other fire-resistant mobs.

1) Ender dragon

The Ender dragon, the last boss of Minecraft, rules over the main island. To free the End, players must face the Ender Dragon upon entering the End dimension. It is not surprising that the Endgame boss, the ender dragon, is immune from fire damage.


Uses for awkward enchants

Frost Walker and Depth Strider both have enchantments that are connected to water. Each of them has a place in the game, and each one offers different perks. Players should choose one of them over the other.

Minecraft offers many powerups that players can use to enhance their gears. These powerups can be used to strengthen armor or make weapons more deadly.

There are some that focus on making it easier for players to deal with water. Water slows down players’ movement, mining, and breath. Frost Walker and Depth Stider are two enchantments that can be used to help players, although one is better than the others.

Which Minecraft enchantment do you prefer, Frost Walker or Depth Strider.

Each enchantment has its own unique features in Minecraft. The player’s needs will determine which enchantment is better. These two benefits offer a few highlights.

Frost Walker

Frost Walker is a special powerup that allows players to walk on water. Frost Walker can be applied to armor boots to freeze the water surface, allowing players to walk on water.

This powerful enchantment cannot be obtained through an enchanting table, as it is not possible to obtain. This treasure can only be found in chest loot, or at a librarian villager.

It is not useful because players already have boats that can be used to move around the water surface. It is, however, a powerful enchantment.

Depth Strider

An enchanting table can give you the ability to obtain Depth Strider, a common powerup. This powerup allows players to swim faster under water. This reduces friction between players and water source blocks, which allows them to swim faster underwater.

Although this power won’t seem like something special, it can be extremely helpful in situations such as running out of breath deep in the ocean. Players can swim at the same speed as they walk on land when their maximum level is reached. They can also swim at an incredible speed if they are able to get the dolphin’s grace effect and depth strider.

The accessibility and usability of Minecraft makes Depth Strider superior to Frost Walker. It is easy to obtain by using an enchanting table, and it can really help players in challenging situations underwater.