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Apple just released the GM seed of OS X Mavericks, which is basically release version, so we updated the images to use this new build. Now we’ll start providing more active support for Mavericks because any bugs are more likely to be due to our image as opposed to actual Mavericks (I hope, at least). This is a bleeding edge image and has been compiled with little to no testing, other than the testing done on the dev previews which has been merged into the GM seed, so bugs probably will exist. Also, I highly recommend you watch the video further down this time (even if you know what you’re doing), because a few places that trip people up are covered (more than usual).

Below are the features of this image and I’m going to include direct downloads for the image (which are being uploaded as we speak) so sit tight if you want those. If you find our work help, we appreciate all donations in order to fund our continued efforts, especially as it’s getting harder to maintain!

OS X Mavericks 10.9 Retail VMware Image Release Notes

- Apple dropped support for 32-bit mode in DP2 of Mountain Lion, so make sure
you keep the VMware Settings flagged as “Mac OS X 10.7/8 64-bit” otherwise
no bootable medium will be detected. Means you need a 64-bit Windows install.
- Comes with direct download links as usual. (Will be added soon)
- Embedded graphics drivers to increase number of available resolutions.
- Fast boot time on most machines, as can be seen in the video.
- Fresh installation of 10.9, everything was fixed during the installation.
- Kernel doesn’t include any AMD patches
- Make sure VT is turned on in your BIOS, if available. Otherwise you need to
use the Hardware Bypasser alongside VMware 8.
- Recommended you run on the latest version of VMware, as that’s what it was
tested on, and apparently fixes Apple logo stalling in certain situations.
At least try to use VMware 8+. VMware 9 or 10 to be safe.
- Take a snapshot when you get to Finder for the first time. Gives you a “save”
point to revert to should you break anything.
- We uploaded an updated VMware Tools to our Mediafire folder here. These
tools came with the latest VMware release and support Mountain Lion.

If you report back on the state of things working, please do so clearly on this post. iMessage Enabler is still untested, but should work in theory. VMsvga is included already, and VMware Tools have been officially released with Mavericks support, so they should function correctly.

It’s important to take note of everything said in the video below, as it covers support issues for this image and how best to get help (and quickly).

If you wish to download the OS X Mavricks 10.9 Retail VMware Image via torrent, you can grab it from here. As promised, I’m including direct links as well this time around, but you’ll have to deal with the fact that they will be slower than the torrent, even though I have now paid for faster speeds. You can find the direct links here.

34 Responses so far.

  1. Hadi says:

    hell yea. you guys rock~

  2. smasher007 says:

    Good Job! Appreciate the work that you have put in this!

  3. RobertC says:

    Ok, Installed ok onto the Toshiba L630. Mounted the Tools directory and installed the Tools iso. Don’t know what it does but hey … and now installing yet another iTunes update. You can never have too many iTunes updates… but primarily wanted to see how it went with updates, and what was waiting if anything.

    I won’t use it in production yet – I still have the 10.8.5 for that.

    But, just to let you all know. Downloaded (Vuze), ran, bog standard set up same same as SoulDev, Tools, and now iTunes update.
    Maybe then I’ll play a little bit with it. See what is still broken. I don’t use iMessage, so that can stay broken for all I care. It woulld be nice if the graphics started working though. Movie trailers, Skype, iPhoto and what ever else really needs that Apple hires monitor stuff.

  4. LMN says:

    Works great, big thanks

  5. Franco says:

    Does it run with AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor @3.30GHz?

  6. m28ew says:

    Thanks for updating the latest version of virtual-osx86

    btw, could you tell us the MD5 / SHA1 / CRC32 of:
    OS X Mavericks 10.9 Retail VMware Image.7z ?

  7. Sokeada says:

    Hi SoulDev Team,

    I really appreciate for your hard work to bring Mavericks to us.

    My quick question is, i already installed darwin.iso file but my screen resolution still not full like my ML 10.8.x

    I’m waiting for your reply.



    • ZackehSoul says:

      Just go to VMware’s fullscreen option and it should sort itself out.

      • Vjetar says:

        I can confirm, streching is not working. My workaround was to specify monitor resulution in VM setting so i can get full screen.

      • HarryValenti says:

        I’ve the same problem and the “fullscreen” option of VMware didnt fix it.
        I’ve installed Darwin.iso downloaded from your folder on Mediafire and checked the “Fullscreen” icon.

  8. Damo says:

    Thanks you Zack and co for an excellent release.

    I’ve been trying to get this going on VMware 10.0.0 with an AMD Phenom II 965 CPU and I continually get the “The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine” error.

    I guess this CPU isn’t supported.

    I do have 10.8.3 running fine on VMware and you had provided an alternative “.nvram” file which allowed support for AMD CPUs. I guess Maverkicks requires such a file so that it will run on AMD.

    Are there plans to release this .nvram file? What is needed to create such a file? (I’m imagining a lot of hex editing to change machine code!). Can I help with the task?

  9. kevin says:

    Thanks. Image installed o.k but ,apart from going to “security and privacy” to allow vmware tools to open,once I installed vmware tools the 1920×1080 display option not listed even in full screen mode(view-full screen).This was not a problem on my lion/mountain lion images.Am I doing something wrong?

    • Vjetar says:

      Just specify 1920×1080 resolution manualy in VM Display -> Monitor settings and boot VM. Resolution should be available in MacOS after that step.

    • Gregg says:

      I had this problem to. I went into the settings on the vmware image and then to Display. On there I changed the Monitors setting to “Specify monitor settings” and 1 and 1920×1080. Saved it and booted up. This gave me the 1920×1080 option in OS X.

  10. RA56 says:

    I had to upgrade from VMware Player 4 (which the 10.8 release worked on) to VMware Player 6 and it works great. I’m running in on an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 using 1 processor and 2 GB of RAM. I didn’t have to install VMware Tools to get VMware SVGA II 32 MB video and the sound is crystal clear, which I could never get on previous releases. iMessage is not working, but that’s not a big deal for me.

  11. Roc says:

    I have an issue with the guest install. Windows security won’t open it. What do I do?

  12. Gregg says:

    Working great in VMWare Workstation 10. There is a newer VMWare Tools already, 6.0.1 which you can download from:


    Thanks SoulDev team.

    • Carman23 says:

      Oh. Here are instructions for newbs like me:

      From the site mentioned above, download:


      untar and unzip that

      extract darwin.iso from that and put it on a thumbdrive

      plug in the thumbdrive when Mavericks is running

      double-click on the drive in Mavericks

      double-click on the darwin.iso file in Mavericks

      run the installer thus revealed

  13. Robert C says:

    If your windows security is blocking, run the xtractor as Admin.
    You will have to run the patches the same way.

  14. hatipoglu says:

    With latest VMWare Tools (6.0.1), “fullscreen” option don’t work, but enable folder share works.

  15. Richiban says:

    Anyone else not able to get the downloads to work? I can’t download anything from your official pages, all of them time out. Traffic?

  16. Phid says:

    Excellent job!

    So far so good… Haven’t tested everything yet but found a couple of issues.

    Maps won’t display anything. The first time I launched it, it crashed. But still the map is blank. (not an important issue to me but just to let know)

    Another thing I noticed is that there’s no option to turn on/off the menu bar translucency from the “Desktop & Screensaver” system preference pane. Not sure if this is gone in Mavericks but just to let know.

    The avatars or display pic for the profile is also not displaying the images. This happened since the previous versions but don’t recall if it is a known issue.

  17. carman23 says:

    Great VMWare Image! Thanks guys!

    I’d like to report one issue I’m seeing, which is totally livable and in no way reduces the quality of this excellent work.

    Using VMWare 10, both before converting the image and after, when trying to restart Mavericks or shutdown Mavericks, I get:

    “Your computer restarted because of a problem.”

    Mavericks always restarts like that when trying to shutdown or restart.

    On Dell Latitude E6520, 16GB RAM, VMWare image is on the local drive C SSD.

  18. Mike says:

    It keeps saying Part08 is corrupt. Using WinRAR to unrar. Am I do something wrong?

    Only 8 parts, right?

  19. Xwarrior says:

    The existing version iMessage Enabler does not work with the OS X Mavericks VMWare Image.

    1) Installing imessage-enabler inside OSX
    2) Shutdown OSX inside VMware
    3) Close VMware
    4) Run vmx-enable.cmd
    5) Start VMWare
    6) Start OSX Vmware and got the following error:

    A fault has occurred causing a virtual CPU to enter the shutdown state. If this fault had occurred outside of a virtual machine, it would have caused the physical machine to restart. The shutdown state can be reached by incorrectly configuring the virtual machine, a bug in the guest operating system, or a problem in VMware Workstation.

    Click OK to restart the virtual machine or Cancel to power off the virtual machine.

  20. pwqr says:

    If you want 1366×768 resolution in Mavericks, try this:

    “Go to VM > Settings > Display then change it to 1920×1080, then go back to mavericks and you’ll find 1366×768″

  21. Pete says:

    Good job guys!

    However, i can’t seem to have my network devices working correctly . I tried few other settings and still working on it until i can fix this.

    Could there be anything else to download to fix network issue?

    Thanks a lot for all this !

  22. DE says:

    Found out that enabling No-Execute Memory Protection in your BIOS fixes this problem.

    May want to make a note of that in case anyone else is having the same issue… but everything seems to be working OK now, thanks!

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