Quick post to avoid confusion later; VMware released VMware Workstation 10 and VMware Fusion 6 recently, along with Fusion 6 (and probably updates to everything else as well). I just made the jump to W10, and I’m happy to say that the guest Unlocker still works, however not 100% – so make sure you pay attention to this:

As of this point in time there is no Mac OS X guest option in the menus when setting up or modifying a VM. This is purely cosmetic, VMs that have already been set up with the normal settings on VMware 9 should continue to function fine (although I can’t check that myself, obviously). It’s also probably possible to just set the guest to darwin12-64 in the VM config (although it’s probably darwin13-64 now), but again I haven’t had to try it. Let us know in regards to either of these two things in the comments below, so we can update this post accordingly.

There is an update coming from Donk, but it probably won’t be around for the next couple of weeks so keep the above in mind – those in doubt might just want to stick to VMware 9 for the time being.

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  1. @kevmacca1992 says:

    Found a VMware workstation 10 download last night so was going to ask you whether it was safe to upgrade today… You beat me to it :) cheers zack, il stick with 9 for now

  2. @sergiocastell96 says:

    Hi! As I told you in my twit, I updated to the new version and it was a success, my Mountain Lion from the pack you provided here it’s fully working, and even it’s faster! I asked you at Twitter because I wasn’t sure to open the VM because of loosing it before using an unlocker, but everything seems to be well. When I entered at the VM Settings, in Guest OS type, appeared in “other”, the option of Mac OS, but if I close that menu an alert appears telling the VM Guest OS isn’t compatible, but it still works. I don’t know if it will work using a new image, I expect an unlocker soon… Thanks for all!

  3. Zinc says:

    Updated to VMware 10…no problems.
    Existing OS X 10.8.4 VM runs fine without any changes.

  4. For those who don’t know how to do it , in the virtual machine folder, there is a file of extension *.vmx use any text editor like Notepad

    look for the line containing something like:

    guestOS = “darwin10-64″

    and change it to either:

    guestOS = “darwin12-64″

    guestOS = “darwin13-64″

    Both 12 and 13 do work!! Even in VMware Workstation 10 is way faster in booting MacOSX compared to Vmware Workstation 9.
    I have MacOS 10.8 as my virtual machine that runs on VMware Workstaion for Linux 64 bit.

  5. David says:

    Its not working for me, the mouse donst work and I change several times the usb support, also there is a new version of vmtools v6.0 works faster

  6. Teo says:

    Tested both Vmware 10 & 10.7-10.8 both becoming slow, laggy, so far best experience is Vmware 9 + 10.7.5, it just works. Vmware 10 works also, but with imessage fix you loose sound, mouse is becoming crazy, and 10.7 is slower under vmware 10, well at least in my tests, will wait for proper imessages fix or attempt other workarounds as messing with boot.plist is not a proper way for me.

  7. Genial, una buena información que me será de gran utilidad. Thx.!

  8. Henrik Bruun Lorenzen says:

    Would also like to know if Mountain Lion works in New Workstation 10. Obviously there some problems in getting unlocker to work in Workstation 10

  9. olad says:

    I can only add my ‘voice’ to those who say thanks to you and your efforts in giving us these vmware downloads.

    I have a little problem; try as I may (and no matter how many darwin.iso versions I have tried), I cannot get the guest view to expand seamlessly. I am stuck on either 1280×800 or 1680×1050 (there are a couple more resolutions, but they don’t matter). is there anything i can do to be able to change the resolution in non-discrete steps? Thank you.

  10. joao says:

    VMware 10 osx 10.8.5 works fine!

  11. Bob says:

    Just upgraded to VMWare Workstation 10, I have the OS X Mountain Lion with the latest iMessage fix running with the settings as “Windows 7 x64″ and everything works just fine. However, still no sound/FaceTime.

  12. Naki says:

    I am happy to confirm that at least on my PC, VMware Workstation 10 + three different Mac OS VMs work fine! Running Windows 7 64-bit, Ultimate, SP1 + all updates installed, 32 GB of RAM, Intel Core i7 CPU.

  13. Eddy says:

    Just wanted to add my experience with this, in case it’s useful…

    I started with the OS X 10.8 VMware image on VMWare Player 5, which soon updated itself to 6, and I’ve now just switched to VMware Workstation 10. I’ve never used the Unlocker at any point, because it has always just worked fine without it(?)

    I’ve also just tried updating the virtual machine hardware to version 10 (it was 8), and that seems to have worked absolutely fine too.

    I’ve had a look in the config file, and it was still set as “darwin12-64″ (which is how it’s always been, as far as I know). I tried changing it to “darwin13-64″, and what that did was to make it show as “Mac OS X 10.9″ in the virtual machine settings, so I’m guessing that’s not right. It still ran absolutely fine even with that setting though, so I’m guessing it doesn’t actually make much difference as far as VMware is concerned.

  14. twpstepsfromhell says:

    Thanks to your guide, I installed the Mavericks using VMware 10. But i can’t get to install the VMware Tools. I am always getting the “could not find component on server” error. Can you tell me how to install Vmware tools. Also please tell what is darwin and how ots related to Vmware tools

  15. carbonatd says:

    Have you tried this with vSphere?

    I would love to be able to run a Mac OS X VDI…

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