People may have noticed recently that there hasn’t been much activity on the site in terms of comments, and further attention to issues. This is because we’re all pretty busy outside of OSx86 right now, however in light of the upcoming Mavericks release, we’re going to bring out some improvements to make the site more of a “hub” for those of you fully interested in OSx86 and hackintosh development – but first we’d like some opinions on some prospective plans.

Now I personally have to apologise for all the unanswered comments existing on the site currently (there are literally thousands) and getting through them all is being quite a pain. It also doesn’t help that people don’t reread through the comments in order to see if their question has been answered in the past. For those of you who have had comments removed, this was the reason (and yes, I read up the post to check there was an answer before doing so). Now, in order to solve this issue we’re thinking about adding a forum to the site, nothing special but a place you can register and post/answer questions, or research your topic. This would be alongside the FAQ post we put up recently, containing answers to most of the major questions, but allowing for further clarification if needed. As I’m sure you’re aware, it’s much easier to keep up with a forum as opposed to answering thousands of comments individually (although the backstack of comments we have right now will be answered). The proposed forum won’t be as in-depth as something like InsanelyMac in terms of open development (unless you guys make it that way, obviously), but it’d focus on making things as easy to understand as possible.

Another idea we’re toying with is a mobile app – again nothing special, just something to check up on the latest posts from the site and with a majority of your FAQs inline so you can check them quickly (and offline). The app probably won’t be anything too fancy since we’re all pretty new to Android, but it would be an easy and quick way to access the site. Obviously, put forward your ideas for this if you have any and we’ll implement them if we have the time. One major thing we’re thinking of is making the app a paid app (just a cheap $0.99 type deal, as a donation to the team) and adding the ability to email us directly (to a new email address) via the app, meaning that people who paid get faster responses, which are quicker to keep track of. This solves two problems stemming from the same root, being that when people re-share our images as their own work (which they do), less people come to the site which means less revenue via ads to keep the site (and development) going. The other problem from this is obviously because certain contact information is inside the images, that email address is now being spammed by people asking things which have been specifically stated on our site.

Obviously, this isn’t done for the money but I’m sure you’re all aware that time pretty much is money and putting together the images on the site does take a few days per image, and this of course racks up (especially as I myself am a student) due to servers hosting the images, and just the server hosting the side. As usual donations are appreciated via the panel to the right of the page. If anybody has any other ideas as to what could be done to make the site easier to understand and find the information you need, let us know in the comments to this post.

Oh, and just to quickly confirm something I’ve seen a lot recently; yes there will be both a Mavericks VMware image and a Virtual Box image (assuming we get it working, of course).

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  1. Simon Hughes says:

    Hi guys

    A forum would be great, i would help administer it if it helps , Any chance of a server edition of the VMware mac ?


    • ZackehSoul says:

      Server stuff with VMware is something we haven’t gone near. Are there many differences between local and server versions?

      • Simon says:

        The server version is the same OS but with the ability to have a domain, add users, create shares etc.
        I am interested in a VMware image of the server as I believe many people would like to build there own domain and learn that side of things.
        Please let me know your thoughts

  2. Robert C says:

    A forum sounds like a good idea.
    HTML-5 Responsive
    PayPal reg to the forum. .99 cents.
    Forget the app in that case.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      That’s a good idea, we’ll think about that :)

      • Simon says:

        If you need some help I am willing to be one of the forum admins to keep a eye on the forum.
        I am currently a moderator of another forum and find it very interesting.

    • Tim says:

      I think the forum is a good idea but the nature of forums is disorganization. What do you think about running something like JIRA, a ticketing system that you could categorize comments, show pending fixes so nobody asks for things that already have been suggested or vetoed.

      And you can still do a forum and like Simon suggested identify some qualified willing moderators to take the load off of you. Maybe a wiki as well.

      I personally am extremely interested in this project and while I would love to donate generously and regularly I have been recently laid of due to lack of funds as a result of sequestration. However I do have a pretty high end Windows 2012, dedicated server that is rarely used but paid yearly. It is on a fat pipe too. So I would offer to set up another domain and put whatever applications you decide to utilize to help some of these issues. Also, its a great place to put images. I would even suggest making downloads from there available upon registration with a small fee. Enough to pay for your efforts (slightly) but discourage traffic that might cause problems. It would be like the gold club!

      I think you can actually make some with this by continuing the donor thing but charging people a few dollars to access downloads, old and new and beta, and some premium support. Then you might be able to tackle the servers which I also would like to work with. Really anything I can do to help, just drop me a note. I have been in the industry for alot of years now and if you even want to bounce an idea of someone I’d love to help.

      Thanks alot BTW, this project is important. Mac’s are just too expensive but you need to be able to write apps for iPhones and Mac’s themselves to keep yourself relevant but I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to contribute to Apple’s hardware ripoff agenda.


      • ZackehSoul says:

        Actually that’s a fairly good idea. Not sure how much time we have to set up something along the lines of JIRA but it would be more organised.

        In terms of pay-to-download, that was something we considered in the past but not everyone sees the world the way you and I do.

  3. Simon Hughes says:

    Yeh check out

    It would be fantastic if you can do this as a VMware virtual machine

  4. Robert C says:

    The server version of OSX is simply an upgrade from the Mac App store. Most of the server is already built in, the ‘upgrade’ just turns it on and adds a few bits. It’s not a seperate version of the OS. And its cheap, just a few bucks.
    Look for it on the Mac App store and do the upgrade.

  5. Surfer says:

    Tat seem to be a good idea … and I was really frustrated with the issue I had with Mavericks DP1(tho’ i don hav any rites for that ;) ) …

    So when is this forum coming into action???

  6. Phid says:

    Thanks for the update and congrats for the app launch…

    A forum is really a nice idea. I would like to suggest xenForo. Been using that lately and is really a nice forum software.

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