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Apple released the first Developer Preview for OS X Mavericks last week so I figured people would want an image of it. This image is completely stock, and as such there are probably a couple of issues (see video). AMD support is probably non-existent, so AMD users need to hold off until the official release build becomes available as developing anything for betas is almost pointless (like with the jailbreak scenes).

Update #1: If you get a message saying “darwin12-64 is unsupported” just edit your .vmx file in Notepad (with VMware closed) and find/replace darwin12-64 for darwin11-64. Should be fine after that, it was an oversight on my part but it’s too late to edit the torrent.

Below are the features of this image and I’m going to include direct downloads for the image (which are being uploaded as we speak) so sit tight if you want those. If you find our work help, we appreciate all donations in order to fund our continued efforts, especially as it’s getting harder to maintain!

OS X Mavericks 10.9 DP1 VMware Image Changelog

- Apple dropped support for 32-bit mode in DP2 of Mountain Lion, so make sure
you keep the VMware Settings flagged as “Mac OS X 10.7/8 64-bit” otherwise
no bootable medium will be detected. Means you need a 64-bit Windows install.
- Comes with direct download links as usual. (Will be added soon)
- Fast boot time on most machines, as can be seen in the video.
- Fresh installation of 10.9, everything was fixed during the installation.
- Kernel doesn’t include any AMD patches
- Make sure VT is turned on in your BIOS, if available. Otherwise you need to
use the Hardware Bypasser alongside VMware 8.
- Recommended you run on the latest version of VMware, as that’s what it was
tested on, and apparently fixes Apple logo stalling in certain situations.
At least try to use VMware 8+.
- We uploaded an updated VMware Tools to our Mediafire folder here. These
tools came with the latest VMware release and support Mountain Lion. DO

If you report back on the state of things working, please do so clearly on this post. iMessage Enabler, VMsvga and VMware Tools are all untested, so let us know!

It’s important to take note of everything said in the video below, as it covers support issues for this image and how best to get help (and quickly).

If you wish to download the OS X Mavricks 10.9 DP 1 VMware Image via torrent, you can grab it from here. As promised, I’m including direct links as well this time around, but you’ll have to deal with the fact that they will be slower than the torrent, even though I have now paid for faster speeds. You can find the direct links here.

38 Responses so far.

  1. Nanatrex says:

    Woww.. :O thts amazing.. downloading now..thanks alot.

  2. Nithin KN says:

    Woww you guys are super coool…..

  3. Nishant says:

    Dude you are great, but one thing i really wanted to know whether it supports full graphic acceleration on Nvidia 520GT 2GB…becoz it was not supported my 10.8…pls do reply asap

  4. Jason says:

    Is there no way of a better graphic driver on vmware? the vga2 driver is kinda crapping out even playing something on youtube

  5. Autofit Guest works?

  6. japes says:

    works perfectly up to the date of installation of DP2 @the appstore when vmware tools are installed. after restart it’s useless through graphical errors in DP2

    without vmware tools works all fine with update of DP2 but the reduced resolution is bugging me :-D

  7. eddmaster says:

    I’ve just updated to DP2 directly from App Store updates and looks like everything works perfect. U’re doing a wonderful job! Keep-up the good work!

  8. Vuk says:

    Vmware Tools is working but SVGA drivers are not working. Currently i am upgrading to 10.9 DP2. Everything seems to be working except SVGA2 driver. Hope some will make new version for Mavericks.

  9. Sendogan says:

    Thanks works perfectly.

  10. gabklein says:

    zack nvm it was easy as helllll ty

  11. Connor says:

    I would totally donate a lot of money because im sick of buying new apple software and osx … but every time I effing download it , it says my CPU has been disabled !!

  12. Scary says:

    I was able to get it working in VMWare 9.0.2 build-1031769 using a newer unlocker that was posted back in May. I also used a version of Darwin.iso to install VMware tools, This gave me more options for resolutions but doesn’t allow it to match your desktop on scaling when you go to full screen. Still an improvement. Right now it’s updating to DP2 from the App store. Great work Zach, thanks for all you do.

  13. James Risse says:

    First let me say thank you to anyone who has put their labors into this project.

    I’ve just tried to get this working and ran into a few problems.

    After editing the vmx file to read
    guestOS = “darwin11-64″

    When trying to open the file I got the message
    “Cannot connect virtual device ide1:0. No corresponding device is available on the host. Would you like an attempt to be made to connect this virtual device every time you power on the virtual machine?”

    I clicked no, but never showed and arrow in the upper left corner or got the mac rainbow wait wheel.

    The laptop I’m trying to get this to work on has no cd/dvd drive.

    Is this a know issue? Is there an easy fix? Will I have any better luck with lion?

  14. FrEeDoMmM says:

    is it support Haswell processor?

  15. Surfer says:

    even im too having troubles with svga drivers, once I isntall them .. mac behaves abnormally … not able to open Finder and some system apps and safari keeps on crashing :( :(

  16. Nam Tu says:

    The last part 009 of image on MEGA show error temporary unavailable. Could you please help me to get that part ?
    Thank you so much !

  17. jmm says:

    I’m running it without any “unlockers” – I just extracted the 7z file, and used VMware VIX to run the VM, after adding more RAM to the .VMX file with a text editor.

    e.g. vmrun start /path/to/vm.vmx

    Specs: Haswell i5 with integrated video on Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit – I’ll try with my GeForce later

    Everything I need works, and I don’t care if I can’t create new VMs natively in the client.

    - Am I missing out anything hardware spoofing / lack thereof, or will I be fine?
    - If not, is there a source version of any of the “unlocker” stuff, because as much as I don’t mind a possibly tainted OSX machine, I won’t run any binary code in Linux.

    Thanks so much for doing this, as it will help me with testing. Apple needs to clue in, but they won’t.

  18. NA says:

    The image appears (on first-load) appears to freeze if the Processor has “Number of processors” or “Number of cores per processor” as anything but 1. Hope this helps somebody.

    Thanks for the great work!

  19. Tharindu says:

    i’m really happy about your work and appreciate it.
    i tried to play with the files that you have included in to the folder but i couldn’t get understand about that. can you provide a a-z guide for me to install?
    Thank you,

  20. HarryValenti says:

    Thank you for your amazing work!
    I’ve installed Maverick DP1 and ran it with VMWare Player 6. Amazing!
    I’ve also updated it to DP7 (through each updates, DP2, DP3 etc…). And a problem is born..
    My resolution now is stuck to 1280×800. I can choose different resolution (four) but none of this is the right one for my laptop (1366×768).
    I’ve installed VMWare Tools and nothing changed, i’ve also tried to add the resolution to the com.apple.Boot.plist
    Graphics Mode
    between tags, and still nothing…
    If I choose “best for monitor” (or something like that), then i obtain 2560×1600 as resolution.. which is huge >_<

    Is this a known bug or i can do something to fix that?

  21. esuek says:

    It work pretty good
    i have install update DP2 and it work :)
    tank’s you for your work

  22. steve says:

    thanks for this, 2 questions,

    is there any way to connect an iPhone to it?

    and can i use my laptops built in webcam?

    keep up the great work

  23. sebepsiz says:

    On VmWare v10, it work pretty good.
    i have install update DP2 and didn’t work. Graphics issue is happend, check it: http://i44.tinypic.com/9zq5xd.png

  24. howie says:

    Thanks team, all process is normal.

    How can I update DP2 manually on vm?

  25. elec29a says:

    Would you make a AMD kernel version for some donation ? Cause i need to use Xcode 5.. on AMD Win8

  26. Arthur says:

    The screen flickers when (for example) using Safari. Is it a common issues?

  27. J* says:

    note: this woks on workstation 10! I have tried it and it does work. Also the mac guest unlocker works

  28. Just for Your Information…
    I am running VMWare 9, with 10.8.5 successfully.

    I installed the Mavericks image and have slowly over the last two days been upgrading it. It’s now doing the install of Preview 8. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and phew … 8 I have no idea if that’s the last one – but it’s working quite happily though. I’m interested to see if in the end – after the release of the Retail Version – if it updates to that. Or, will my existing 10.8.5 update to 10.9 anyway (Mavericks)

  29. Zach says:

    Have you tested any of your AMD-compatible VMware images in an ESXi environment? I run an ESXi 5.1 server with and AMD FX-5320 CPU and I want to run a Mac OS instance in it to run some bonjour services on my LAN. I have been unable to get either the 10.8.2 or 10.8.3 images to boot. I ran the unlocker tool by enabling SSH on ESXi, copying the files to the datastore, and then running the script in the console. However, each time I try to boot up one of these VMs I get a kernel panic.

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