A little while ago Apple made changes to the way iMessage worked and the iMessage Enabler broke down and stopped working. I’ve just gotten around to fixing it, and I’ve uploaded the new version to the site. It operates exactly the same way as the original fixer so just go ahead and follow the original instructions found here.

In terms of fixes, I reworked the way it operates in order to stop a couple of bugs throwing CPU errors in VMware. I also added a fix for the mouse issue after enabling to work inline with the specific VM you install on rather than having to do it across all your VMware VMs. After running you might notice your mouse running a little slower, but this can be solved by just speeding it up in the native system Settings menu inside your VM.

Please be aware that I haven’t tested this version of the iMessage Enabler with an AMD system so I can’t comment on how well it’ll run (if at all). There are several reasons why it might not work, but we might get lucky so useful comments on success/failure are appreciated (and I’d prefer if they were left on this post).

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  1. kevin mcallister says:

    its working great for me now, thanks a lot zack, the mouse hint you gave by just increasing by maybe 2 or so to the right made it work just as it did before the enabler, now i have working imessages on my vm 10.8.3 on my i7 laptop, couldnt be happier. keep up the good work mate

  2. Smp351 says:

    Just fantastic. I’ll give it a shot but just wanted to say thank you for all your work in getting this to work again Zack. Your hard work is appreciated.

  3. JW says:

    I must say you are a genius….very intrigued on how you guys learn to do this at such a young age. Anyways props to you and thanks a million. works great!

  4. Robert C. says:

    Thanks a million. It now seems to be reading the SMBios.plist. Excellent work.
    I have an odd thing with the mouse you may not have seen… When I switch the VM to full screen mode, moving the mouse pointer near the top of the screen, about and inch or so below it actually, I get a “ghost” mouse pointer – that is also interactive. So I have to be real careful what I click on :-) I’ll play with mouse and screen setting though. The mouse is behaving strangely in other ways as well. The click inside, or outside is not functioning like it did. iMessage works,but not the video.
    I have video in Photo Booth, but not in iMessage. Just the black square.
    hmmm strange.
    Great work.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      That’s strange, do you have VMware Tools installed?

      • Robert C. says:

        Yes, thanks Zack. VM Tools installed.
        It sounds like a driver/codec. Youtube, and Movie Trailers black square instead of video. Sound no worries.
        iMessage reports No Video Camera. Smae for Skype, but PhotoBooth works fine?

    • kevin mcallister says:

      regards the mouse issue if you use vmware player instead to load the vmx file once youve setup the working mac os, you can set in the power preferences to load full screen after power on, do that, also change C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\VMware\preferences.ini to include …
      pref.vmplayer.fullscreen.nobar = “TRUE”

      this should remove the annoying ghost pointer,
      to enter full screen or exit use ctrl + alt + enter
      you must release the pointer once you exit fullscreen using ctrl + alt

      it might also be a good idea to make a shortcut for your vm file with a -x flag
      eg. this is my shortcut target…
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmplayer.exe” -X “C:\Users\kev\Documents\Virtual Machines\OS X Mountain Lion\OS X Mountain Lion.vmx”

      • Robert C. says:

        Brilliant – thanks. Don’t know why Workstation still plays funny with the cursor. It’s not a big issue, but annoying and not the fault of the VM.
        But with Player, seems to be working fine.
        Now to figure out why iMessage & Skype can’t see the built in webcam, but PhotoBooth can. I know how to turn the webcam on and off with Workstation, but it makes no difference to those two. And there are probably others. Again, not a VM problem, just a setting somewhere.
        Thanks for that fix. Really useful.

      • Robert C. says:

        Ahhh. Ok, I thought it was working, but not so. I still have the ghost mouse pointer, and it interacts with the drop down bar. If I am not careful, I can click on both the VM, and the VM top bar at the same time.
        I can’t discover what is causing this yet.
        It seems to be fine at first – no ghost, until I open an application window, like ‘Find” – immediately, the ghost pointer appears when I approach the top quarter of the screen. Back to the drawing board. :-)

  5. Daniel says:

    Hi my account says that “can’t be used to set up iMessage at this time”. I created a new account as well to try it but it also does not work. Any advice would help. Thanks!

  6. Tweexter says:

    Awesome!! It worked! On latest VM WS 9.0.2

    When I installed the files it seems the VM tools either went away or stopped running as my osx VM is now a tiny window in the middle of my workstation screen. Mouse won’t release without button sequence, etc.
    Is there an updated vmware tools I should be using now?
    Thanks for all the hard work!

    • Tweexter says:

      Not sure if my VM is now just botched up or what but I can’t get virtual CD to show up in OSX at all. I put the darwin.iso on a usb drive and mounted it through host, but now the installer freezes the machine about 1/10 of the way through.
      Going to try a fresh VM and see how I fare…

      • Tweexter says:

        So I’ve tried on multiple VMs and even different physical PCs and it seems every time after installing the iMessage fix that the VMs no longer accept virtual CDs. Am I the only one?

  7. Smp351 says:

    Using VMWare 9.0.2 the newest 10.8.3 with AMD support works really well. When I run the imessage enabler, I get this error when I turn on my VM machine. Any thoughts?

    NOT_IMPLEMENTED d:/build/ob/bora-1031769/bora/devices/misc/ich7m.c:264

    Disabling imessage enabler lets me use the VM.

    I followed the video that was posted initially when iMessage enabler was first released. Thank you for any help you can provider

    • ZackehSoul says:

      That’s odd, might be an AMD bug. I’ll try to find someone else to check on AMD.

      • smp351 says:

        ZackenSoul please disregard my error. I don’t think my VM was shutting down properly after installing the dmg. After it did and i re-ran the enabler, it worked fine. I should’ve tried a few more things before I posted. Thank you for the response.

  8. fcx35 says:

    Works again, thanks for the update

  9. Neptune says:

    thx good job

  10. Robert C. says:

    Ok, works pretty good. Ghost mouse when near top of screen is a pest. /Extra/SMBios.plist is pretty well ignored in any case. Editing with Lizard does not reflect in the [About This Mac] display., and some video playback is not working.
    I think I’ll leave it alone for a while myself.
    Zack’s doing a great job.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Try removing the line mouse.vusb.absDisabled from your .vmx file, and then open the VMware preferences and in the input submenu change the game optimization option from “Auto” to “Always” and see if that makes a difference. I can’t seem to replicate the issue, oddly, so it’ll be annoying to track down.

      Let me know if that makes any difference.

      • Robert C. says:

        Ok, tried everything now. Can I say, it only started doing the Ghost Mouse behaviour after the iMessage fix. And even now doing a vmx-disable.cmd makes no difference. So it’s in something that’s changed in the basic install of probably the .dmg file.
        In the following screen photo, a photo because a screen shot can’t get it – I have highlighted the two mouse pointers.

        After exhaustive tests here’s the situation.
        In a “normal” or shared screen mode – that is, the mac vm embedded in the VMWorkstation window, it behaves fine. However, as soon as I go Full Screen with the mac, it starts to miss behave. Initially, when I approach the top of the screen to say click on the ‘apple’ it also drops down the VM Tab Bar. As you can see in the photo. The highlight on the far right around the edge of that tab-bar. Also, initially it only does it from right at the top of the screen.
        However, once I open anything – even Finder. I can be almost anywhere on the screen, and the second mouse pointer appears up top. As is the case in the photo.
        So I don’t know. Prior to iMessage fix, no problems with mouse. Post iMessage fix – problems. In that both Windows and Mac are reading the location of the mouse pointer… and responding to it. Weird is the word :-)

  11. Manorako says:

    when using facetime :
    FaceTime quit unexpectedly while using the cl_kernels plug-in.
    what should I do ?

  12. Vaughn says:

    Hello I can’t get this to work on my real mac mini in Vmware Fusion 5. I modified the vmx by hand and I’m sure I set things up properly. I get the same “can’t be used to set up iMessage at this time”. I used multibeast to install the intel nic and even tried setting it with a real mac serial.

  13. Surfer says:

    Great Work !!!! Have to say that … I have my Imessage working fine :D

    But, Even Im having the same trouble as @Robert has … I have a ghost mouse pointer whenever I reach the top part of the guest VM … the strange thing is it was there even after I disabled the imessage enabler … Then I had to change the settings in Preferences of the VM to “Never” to fix that …

    Strange !!! And I have no sound after imessage enabler – do I have to install the sound driver manually, or just install VMware tools ????

  14. Bob says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome iMessage Fix, I really appreciate it. For some reason, the VM (Your 10.8.3 Mountain Lion Build) does not appear to detect my sound driver. I have a Dell Precision M6700 laptop with an “IDT High Definition Audio Codec”. I have installed VMWare tools and tried VoodooHDA and HDAEnabler. How can I make the sound work in the VM?

  15. Robert C. says:

    Following up my most recent post – I have not installed VMWare Tools. Everything seems to be running ok at the moment without having them installed???? However, I’ll see hwat happens after updating to 10.8.4


    Overview of VMware Tools

    VMware Tools is a suite of utilities that enhances the performance of the virtual machine’s guest operating system and improves management of the virtual machine. Without VMware Tools installed in your guest operating system, guest performance lacks important functionality. Installing VMware Tools eliminates or improves these issues:
    Low video resolution
    Inadequate color depth
    Incorrect display of network speed
    Restricted movement of the mouse
    Inability to copy and paste and drag-and-drop files
    Missing sound
    VMware Tools includes these components:
    VMware Tools service
    VMware device drivers
    VMware user process
    VMware Tools control panel


  16. sazzam says:

    iMessage works great on my Dell D630. I have only one annoying issue: sound. It looks like the fix disabled the audio device and enabled AirPlay (because I have Apple TV) I the same network. Please help.

  17. Shabab says:

    iMessage is working fine, but there facetime, sound and CD drive are not working. These all things start working after running the disable bat file. I think there is some issue with configuration(guestos = windows7. Might drivers issue in that case

    • BlackICE1979 says:

      Me too, same problem. When I disable the fix, everything runs good. The sound tought was a problem from the first boot, seems to lag.

      Thanks for your great work ZackehSoul!

  18. Robert C. says:

    Some details on the actual Mac boot process, and the control files, from the BSD man pages


    I think – could be wrong – that we are actually dealing with the efi system.
    From the .vmx config file.
    firmware = “efi”
    displayName = “OS X Mountain Lion”
    guestOS = “darwin12-64″
    nvram = “OS X Mountain Lion.nvram”
    DO NOT OPEN boot.efi – it’s a binary file. You will probably trash your system if you do.

    You will find boot.efi in a number of places, but the promary location seems to be:

    It also appears in

    This file, and it’s other related .efi files also appear in the backups in various places. You can find them if you login as root, and search with this.
    find / -name *.efi -print
    It will lost the locations of all efi files to the console.

    I’m now trying to understand just what it does.

    The other files of interest of course, are
    /Extra/org.chameleon.boot.plist … it is the original file – com.apple.Boot.plist that is used by the (efi) loader to get it’s parameters. Hence you again can stuff up your system by editing the com.apple.Boot.plist incorreclty.

    This is all moot of course – as WVWare appears to load it’s own version of the boot loader, and ignores all these files anyway…. hence Zack’s fix on the iMessage patch, which does read the .plist files, (I think?) but unfortunately in the process is removing audio and other access items.

    So what I need, is for the boot process to proceed as normal with VMWare – or some other boot loader, but in addition reading the /Extra .plist files as well.

    I don’t know if there are others on this blog who will find this useful, but maybe it helps.

    • Robert C. says:

      To Continue. This is very interesting. VERY….

      I’m using 10.8.3 -> 10.8.4

      I have already the the imessage-enabler.dmg
      DO NOT APPLY the iMessage fix, as in vmx-enable.cmd
      If you have done, then run vmd-disable.cmd first.
      Now, statt up and go to Utilities and open a Terminal

      When operating as the root user – BE VERY CAREFUL …

      1. Open Terminal. then,
      cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration

      su to root user.

      Can you use vi? You should learn. You have to open the plist, and that’s an xml file. Some editors will trash such files.
      vi com.apple.Boot.plist

      You will see
      Kernel Flags

      ….. Change the line to

      save the plist file. (In vi, it’s ESC then wq)

      Just check.
      cat com.apple.Boot.plist

      now, close everything and SHUTDOWN

      Boot up again, and presto bumpo. You have a very verbose display as your mac boots up. LOTS of useful information.

      What does this tell me … well well well. Maybe Just maybe, I can now do some other interesting things with the boot process.

      • ZackehSoul says:

        What I think you’re trying to accomplish isn’t going to happen. You can’t mod the EFI loader to read from /Extra, that’s the entire point of new bootloaders. And also, to enable verbose you can just use nvram to set your boot-args to -v. That’s the more efficient way to do it as it’ll remember it regardless of your Boot.plist settings.

        In the ends it’s a choice, iMessage or Sound. Or both, considering you can just reboot the VM depending on what you’re planning to do with it. I’ll keep fine-tuning the enabler but of course nobody has the same audio drivers as everybody else.

        Edit: Oh, and I’ll expand on your original post for you; VMware mounts its own EFI loader to boot Mac systems, much in the same way the native bootloader does. The Enabler modifies the bootloader to use a bootloader that iMessage Enabler places on the system which reads from /Extra and uses the parameters defined there. Putting any sound drivers etc. into /Extra will cause them to be loaded on boot by default.

        • Robert C. says:

          quote ”
          dit: Oh, and I’ll expand on your original post for you; VMware mounts its own EFI loader to boot Mac systems, much in the same way the native bootloader does. The Enabler modifies the bootloader to use a bootloader that iMessage Enabler places on the system which reads from /Extra and uses the parameters defined there. Putting any sound drivers etc. into /Extra will cause them to be loaded on boot by default.”

          Thanks Zack. This is what I was looking for. Interesting. My next question if I may, is where does the EFI loader get it’s config info from? Is there a config file for it, similar to the plists in /Extra?
          … and, if the EFI boot will read com.apple.Boot.plist and grab the ‘-v’ flag – why does it ignore any other options placed in that plist file?

          In any case, that’s very good info you have given me. It encourages me to continue my fiddling with this. At present I have an image that has no VMWare Tools, and no Enabler, and it works brilliantly. Except of course for the iMessage part, no serial number etc. But I can live without that. I’m just interested in the mechanics of the boot process really.
          Thanks Zack,

  19. Zeta says:


    This enabler works really well. It still breaks my sound but I guess if its iMessage over sound I’ll just listen to music on my host. Do you think this issue will persist in future iterations (ie 10.9)?

    Thanks for the hard work!

  20. Desperate Oswife says:

    Hey to you fab developer. And thanks for the great work you do and did.
    I started from the scratch with a new 10.8.2 but unfortunately,I can’t connect with iMessage .It keeps saying my appleid can’t be used to set up iMessage at this time, I should contact the iMessage support with this customer code :(
    I tried the dns change but didn’t work either. Any suggestions what I shoud do now? Btw. this Bounjour thing seems to be connected. But I don’t have any friends using this Program,to check on that. If you need further informations what you need to now, I will prompting immediately. Thanks in Advance from an Mountain Lion girl :)

  21. trogdan says:

    Any reports of this working with ESXI? I am running 10.8.3 on ESXI 5.0.0. I was successful in connecting to iCloud with this fix, but iMessage won’t connect, even after changing password and with a credit card. I get the following message:

    iMessage Registration

    Apple needs more information to complete your iMessage registration. Please call AppleCare in your country (listed below) and provide them with the following validation code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

    Unfortunately, since I’m out of warranty on my MacMini that ESXI is running on, Apple wanted $20 to support me.

    • trogdan says:

      Success! I had to first activate the iMessage account by logging into it on a valid device, in this case an iPhone. Then it worked with ESXI.

  22. JazJon says:

    -I just installed VMWare 9.0.2 on my Win 8 x64 Thinkpad
    -I loaded up your 10.8.3 VMWare image and it worked great. (internet, sound, etc)
    -I then installed the VMware Tools from your download page under misc. (mouse/keyboard is better, good)
    -After installing the iMessage fix, I noticed I no longer have sound? What happened to the sound? iMessage is working, but now I have no audio :(

  23. hubert says:

    Hi Zack, thanks you very much for your great work.
    I tried your latest iMessage enabler v1.1 on Mac OS 10.8 on WVMare9 following your video at http://www.souldevteam.net/blog/2012/11/28/enable-imessage-on-hackintosh/.

    But I met a strange problem after the tool was applied. I can not visit any website after this tool is applied. All options in Network Diagnostic are failed.

    Do you know why this happen? Is anything missing?

  24. James Tanner says:

    No dice using VMWare Fusion on OSX (To host an OSX VM for a second iMessage account).

    The iMessage Enabler DID allow to get further than without it – eg, it recognizes the account, it lists my phone numbers etc but then presents a different error…

    “The server encountered and error processing registration. Please try again later.”

    I’ve rebuilt the VM from scratch – same thing. I’ve used a valid serial from a duff mac I’ve got so the serial is genuine too (using smserial )

    Nice work though. Not complaining, just bringing it to you attention.

    PS. VM Built from 10.8.4 dmg from apple store. VMWare tools installed before doing anything else. Then installed imessage-enabler, then manually updated the .vmx file. So close but no biscuit yet

  25. Steve says:


    we all knew that after installing the Audio does not work.
    Now i can only use the VoodooHDA kexts (i have sound but verry Bad!)the patched AppleHDA kexts does not work…
    What can i do to solve this problem?

  26. Max says:

    Has anyone got this working on VM 10?

  27. Blowzar says:

    I ran this, and it messed up my vm, it also did not create a backup of the vmx file, which is strange, because I took a look at the vmx-enable.cmd script and it looks like it’s actually *supposed* to do this…..

    Anyway, when it was messed up, it tried to do a PXE boot, and failed, then said there was no boot volume found.

    I ran the disable-vmx and it fixed it, but still this is concerning. VM is 10.8.5 with all updates, running Workstation 9.0.2, with Win 7 x64 as the host OS.

    Anyway, reading further, seeing that even if I did get this working, it would require having vmware-tools NOT working, I don’t think it’s worth it. The main reason I want to get this working is to have “back to my mac” support from the VM. I saw a user posted on Insanely Mac that imessage-enabler also allows Back to My Mac to work as well. If anyone knows how of another method to get Back to My Mac working, please let me know.

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