Disclaimer: All work shared in this post is property of ©2013 Soul Dev Team. Anybody wishing to share this work is freely allowed to, provided they give credit to the original creators, and link back to this post.

I’ve now updated to the Mountain Lion 10.8.3 VMware Image, with continued support for both Intel and AMD processors. It’s reasonably safe to update yourself, but you may encounter a few bugs which I took it upon myself to fix in this image. I’ve also included Graphics drivers to solve any issues you guys were having getting that sorted, and I’ve demonstrated how you enabled them in the linked video.

As usual below is the changelog for this image, and underneath you can find the downloads. I’m going to include direct downloads for this image (which are being uploaded as we speak) so sit tight if you want those. If you find our work help, we appreciate all donations in order to fund our continued efforts, especially as it’s getting harder to maintain!

OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 VMware Image w/ AMD Support Changelog

- Apple dropped support for 32-bit mode in DP2 of Mountain Lion, so make sure
you keep the VMware Settings flagged as “Mac OS X 10.7 64-bit” otherwise
no bootable medium will be detected.
- Comes with direct download links as usual. (Will be added soon)
- Continued new packaging for smaller download.
- Fast boot time on most machines, as can be seen in the video.
- Fresh installation of 10.8.3, everything was fixed during the installation.
- Graphics drivers are included, you can set a resolution from the Displays
- Kernel includes support for Ivy Bridge processors, along with AMD processors
meaning most of your Apple screen issues will be gone.
- List of AMD processors confirmed working, will be updated according to what
we hear back from people. Just because it’s not on this list doesn’t mean it
isn’t working

– A4-5300
– A6-3400M
– A8-3500M
– A8-3510MX
– A8-3870M
– A10-4600M
– Athlon 64 X2 QL-64
– Athlon 64 X2 QL-65
– Athlon II Neo K124
– Athlon II X3
– Athlon II X3 450
– E-350
– FX4100
– FX6100 (run with Intel VT-X and AMD-V set)
– FX8120 (run with AMD-V/RVI set)
– FX8150
– FX8350
– K325
– Phenom 9750
– Phenom II X2 550 (still slightly buggy, but runs)
– Phenom II X2 555
– Phenom II X2 950 (still slightly buggy, but runs)
– Phenom II X4 810
– Phenom II X4 955
– Phenom II X$ 955LE
– Phenom II X4 965
– Phenom II X4 970
– Phenom II x4 975
– Phenom II X6 1055T
– Phenom II X6 1090T
– Phenom II X6 1100T
– Turion II M500

- Make sure VT is turned on in your BIOS, if available.
- Recommended you run on the latest version of VMware, as that’s what it was
tested on, and apparently fixes Apple logo stalling in certain situations.
At least try to use VMware 8+.
- Several driver patches to allow as best a universal build as possible.
- Snappier system. Clicks receive response almost (if not) instantaneously.
- We uploaded an updated VMware Tools to our Mediafire folder here. These
tools came with the latest VMware release and support Mountain Lion. DO

As you can see the list of confirmed working AMD processors is increasing! It’s important you take note to the above changes, because we won’t answer any questions that are already answered in the video, and it details exactly how to enable/disable the AMD/Intel kernels:

If you wish to download the OS X Mountain Lion VMware Image for AMD via torrent, you can grab it from here. As promised, I’m including direct links as well this time around, but you’ll have to deal with the fact that they will be slower than the torrent, even though I have now paid for faster speeds. You can find the direct links here soon.

When commenting, especially on AMD stuff, if you act in a way that’s complaining rather than being helpful your comment will be ignored. Please also try to avoid duplicating other comments, as posting the same answers over and over again is frustrating. I encourage all AMD users to post which processor they’re using and how it’s performing (if it’s not in the list above, or is acting differently to how our list suggests it does) so we can add it to the post. If you wish to donate for our efforts, you can visit our donation link. We appreciate any and all donations, and will put them to good use.

184 Responses so far.

  1. andy says:

    will this automatically detects Intel GPU HD4000? going to try this on Sony Duo 11.

  2. Victor says:

    Is there any way to update from your previous 10.8.2 image, saving all the user data?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Take a snapshot, and try update via Software Update.

      • Jorge Gaspar says:

        Actually that works, I updated through the Software Update to 10.8.3 from 10.8.2 with no problems everything worked as before.

        The problems I had I still have them on 10.8.3, an abnormal slowness in general, (for example to open anything in the dock, I clicked and only after a few seconds it responds) and the sound (that I think is related to the slowness) is really messed up. (voodoohda didn’t fixed, but I think the problems wasn’t there).

        My sys specs: i5-450M, intel graphics + Ati radeon 5400, 8GB ram. Using it on VMware 8.0.0

    • Peter says:

      Seems to work fine for me so far :-)
      Upgraded via appstore in the 10.8.2 image :-)

    • Gary17 says:

      Same question: does anyone know for certain whether the 10.8.2 Soul Dev Team image (VMware 9.0.2) can be successfully updated to 10.8.3 through OS X Software Update or the combo installer?

      Or perhaps a new Fixer script, and/or VMware Tools update is necessary for everything to work correctly?



  3. tyler says:

    I have got this all installed correctly(thanks!) my only problem is after installing vm tools, nothing seems to be doing anything. its like it didnt even install. auto fit guest doesnt work. i have to manually go in everytime to osx setting to change resolution if i want to get in/out of full screen (or use a different monitor)

    • ZackehSoul says:

      That’s odd, it seems to be working fine for me. Can you access anything like Shared Folders?

      • tyler says:

        Yes, shared folders do work. If i go into display, and select best for display, its scales to a 2300 by 1700 ish resolution with scrollbars on the bottom and side of vm. this is with autofit guest and autofit window checked in the view setings.

        If i want it proper i have to select “scaled” in osx display preferences and select a permanant resolution. there’s no auto resizing the resolution on the fly like it used to do in older version of lion.

  4. triumf says:

    Works with AMD Phenom 9950

  5. kallum lavigne says:

    Work’s on AMD Sempron M100

  6. HaNDSOME says:

    is it working with AMD A4 3300M please ^_^

  7. Hari says:

    I installed vmware tools from mediafire.com/zackehsoul on my AMD Laptop. It didnt boot up, with a black screen after the Apple logo. I then had to remove that vmware image and reextract from the one in torrent and re-setup everything. using svga works and allows me to use resolution of my monitor. However, I would really like to access the drives of my Windows in Mac via shared folders and for that I need vmware tools which doesnt let MAC crach in AMD environment. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  8. david says:

    Hi, my lenovo X230 always gave me this error message. ” A fault has occurred causing a virtual CPU to enter the shutdown state.”

    The VM boots up with VMWare logo and reboot in again and again. But I can boot up this VM in my desktop i5 Machine without problem.

    Any idea? Do you want my VM debug file?

    many thx

  9. Liquidream says:


    Thanks very much for these releases.

    Unfortunately, I cannot get this (or the 10.8.2) release to work on my Intel i3 64-bit Acer Aspire laptop with VMWare Workstation 9.0.2 build-1031769.
    It just gets to the Apple logo and then reboots (log file shows Triple Fault).

    The v10.7.5 VM works flawlessly, so I don’t know what the problem is. I’ve tried re-applying the Unlocker, but joy.

    Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

    Many thanks! :)

  10. Arkshine says:

    - Windows 7 x64
    - AMD Phenom II X4 965
    - Latest VMware v9.02
    - Gefore 8800 GT

    - VM set to 4 Go.
    - Version set on Mac OS X 10.8 64 bits
    - Others options as default.

    Same as 10.8.2, this version boots well and seems to work fine BUT I still get freezes (CPU 100%) when I’m trying to install XCode from USB device (copy freezed this time after ~1,38 Go) or downloading from store (freezed after some time like 30min or 1h).

    I don’t know if it will help, but WM was set to full debug : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27827560/vmware-0.log
    What I’ve basically done is, once It was finished to boot : changing some preferences (french/changing resolution/removing energy saving/removing screensaver) -> making a snapshot -> connection USB device and starting to install XCode from .dmg file -> freeze after some time, so I reset -> Installing software from store -> freeze after some time.

    I think I did not say it yet but thank you for your work.
    But I guess I should give up to run OSX on my computer, isn’t ?

  11. Juris says:

    Hi! I have installed this one on my AMD Phenom 9950 with default settings. It works fine. No crashes.

    The reason I have installed this, is to test my code in XCode. My code is a OpenGL rendering.

    So this version does not support 3D Acceleration? Or is there a way to add it?

    OS works fine, but is only missing 3D Acceleration, which makes it mostly useless, for me at least.

  12. Frank says:

    Everything running fine, watching videos now in youtube.
    fx 8320.
    1*2 cores
    4Gb ram

  13. g2david says:

    My X230 VMWare 9.2 always causes VM CPU to reboot itself. However, same image works fine with my desktop i5 2500K. Any idea?

  14. Ragua says:

    Thanks for the build.

    Clicking on Power on this virtual machine, I’m getting the following message:

    Guest operating system ‘darwin12-64′ is not supported.

    Select a guest operating system from the General page on the Options tab of Virtual Machine Settings.

    Any ides?


    • ZackehSoul says:

      If you’re using VMware 8, go to the .vmx file and open it in Notepad. Then replace darwin12-64 with darwin11-64.

  15. Joel says:

    Works fine with AMD Phenom 9650 + Radeon HD5770.

  16. Matthieu says:

    Hi, thanks for the nice work !
    I’m just wondering if it’s possible to get the Graphic hardware acceleration to work ?
    I’ve installed the latest tools but got an error message at the end of the install.
    I have access to all resolutions and shared folders but it’s not really responsive and clearly lack hardware graphic card support… is there a way to fix it, I couldn’t find any precise answer. I’m running the VM on a intel i7 with Intel HD3000 graphic card.

  17. wardever says:

    Worked like a charm.

    AMD Phenom(tm) II
    N850 Triple core

    Thank you for all of your hard work. It’s greatly appreciated.

  18. James says:

    Thans for the the wonderful image. Everything’s working fine except 1)Clicking Launchpad hangs the system for some time 2) slight tearing on the windows when dragging…can we change VMware SVGA 11 mem size?

    Loving the new build!

  19. Michael Hoskins says:

    Works with AMD Phenom II x4 945 (3.0 GHz)

    (I’ve been waiting a long time for a working Mac guest OS, I’ll be sure to make a donation next month!)

  20. Ivo says:

    OSX freezes for me, it seems to be dependent on how much memory there is. If I use 1GB, it freezes right after login, if I use 2GB I can run some stuff but freezes after about 15 minutes, if I use 4GB I might be able to use if for about half an hour, with 8GB a bit longer but eventually it freezes, any idea where this problem might lay ?
    I’m using VMware 9.0.1 on win8 64-bit (AMD Phenom II X4 965).

  21. Melonkid says:

    Works on AMD Phenom 9650

  22. MarhyCZ says:

    What is better GPU drivers from vmware tools or vmsvga 2?

  23. sam says:

    Mine works. Just Always crashing… any fix for this?

  24. Prime says:

    Freezes at random times (usually within seconds after booting up) and stays that way until reset. I noticed that the outline of the mouse cursor was colored (green or yellow or purple sometimes) and I don’t believe that its by design. The machine appears to freeze right as the color changes. This makes me think that the issue is with graphics and not the cpu. Interestingly I did not have this problem with the last build (though I just changed my GPU so my theory may be correct).
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
    Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition *
    *This card is strange because in this editions it seems to be already overclocked, but when I try to OC it a bit more it makes it so no game can start or load

  25. Larrry A Magnello says:

    OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 VMware Image w/ AMD Support
    works with my AMD Atholon II X4645

    works with VMware Workstation 9.0.2 Build 1031769 on Windows XP x32 perfectly. Configuration just needed to change it to 4 core.

    I am running 4.2GHZ speeded up from 3.22Ghz computer

    worked after I ran the Unlocker software

  26. tuxvader says:

    On AMD Phenom II X4 945 it frezze constantly at arbitriary times. Any ideas?

    Sorry the bad English

  27. Jonathan Maldonado says:

    It works on AMD A8-3520M but when I install VM ware tools it crashes after a few minutes of it trying to boot. It does give some info on the crash but it disappears in a second and reboots the machine again causing a boot loop. I did download the Install VMware tools.zip found in your mediafire folder with the date of 2013-02-04 and installed it directly to the guest OS and after it asks me to reboot is when the boot loop starts. I did try several configurations on number of cores and memory size but no luck it seems that the tools installation is making it unstable some how any ideas?

  28. dtwilliams1 says:

    First off i want to thank you for your work, it is really appreciated and its a really cool thing you have going here. I was wondering about iMessage, is there a fix in place yet? i downloaded your newest 10.8.3 and iMessage wouldn’t work so i followed your YouTube video instructions to activating iMessage with the same end result. It says that the server encountered an error during registration. Again thank you for your work!


  29. Devan Gelic says:

    I’m running VMware Workstation v9.0.2.1031769 on Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit Service Pack 1 with AMD Athlon(tm) II Dual-Core M320.

    I was able to get this MACOSX 10.8.3 VMimage installed and running. It’s definitely smoother than the 10.8.2 build I got from here before.

    My only problem at this point, is that I don’t know which file to install the VMTools from because the link above is pointing to a download folder with multiple vmtools.

    The previous 10.8.2 build that I still have installed was fixed with the darwin_snow.iso and the VMsvga2. So I was able to change display size and access share folders. However, with this 10.8.3 Build, I’m fine with the display size as is, but I will at a later date install VMsvga2 for more integration. But before I can do that I need VMTools installed in order to have access to shared folders.

    My last attempt at this I downloaded from the recommended Mediafire download folder “Install VMTools.zip” from within VM MacOSX, then proceeded to install it. Upon completion, it asks to restart the system, I did not, powered off instead, turned back on to receive kernal panic. Then had to delete the VM MacOSX, and copy over from a backup. So I’m back to where I started, just after initial setup of the VMImage.

    So my question is this; Which file do I need to grab in order to install VMTools that is Mountain Lion compliant? Is it the “darwin.iso” in the download folder? Or did I grab the correct “Install VMTools.zip” and need to not power off and let it just restart? Because I don’t want to install from the outdated “darwin_snow_legacy.iso” or “darwin_snow.iso” file.

  30. AnonymousCatboy says:

    I’ve got it loaded on my laptop with its pathetic AMD E450 and it seems to be working expectedly slow but functional. I’m testing the App Store right now.

  31. Miloš Jagetić says:

    I managed to install it on AMD Phenom x4 955. At first it froze after some time (just as some people had said in youtube comments), but it got fixed after I increased RAM to 2 GB, and processor to 2 cores + enabling virtalization. Now when I want to change resolution it hangs when I select a new resolution. Changing the display resolution @ VM display settings made it hang on gui initalization (desktop or whatever). Does anyone have ideas on how to fix it?

  32. fullotone says:

    fx 8320
    asus m5a99x evo
    vmware workstation 9.0.2 build-1031769

    install ok but if i install vmware tools , i get kernel panic en no boot reverting to snapshot

    another hint impossible to get java installed

    greats jobs

  33. Gabriel says:

    I was using the 10.8.2 Vmware image, a great release! if I update to 10.8.3 via software update, what do I need to have the video drivers which are mentioned in this new release? and, do they support QE/CI? any help will be greatly appreciated thanks for these great releases

  34. Rolf says:

    Works on AMD Athlon II P360! :D

  35. Adrian says:

    It works on: Athlon II X4 640

    How can I get iMessage and iCloud to work? Will we be seeing a fix for that soon?

  36. Laurie says:

    I can confirm it is working on AMD A8-4500M With Radeon HD 7640G Graphics!

  37. dalim says:

    Work’s on AMD Turion II Neo N40L Dual-Core Processor

  38. iLingaraj says:

    Hi Team,

    Hats off to this wonderful job. I have currently installed the latest version of VM workstation and 10.8.2 image which boots fine. Here are by current issues:-

    1. Screen resolution is stuck at native even though I have set the VM to custom screen resolution.

    2. VM tools just wont install no matter what I do. Your video [How To Fix VMware Tools On Virtual Machine With iMessage Enabler] does not talk anything about how to fix VMware tools. Can you please point me to a link where I can read about it?

    3. iMessage (I am promptly waiting for an update for you to fix it the iMessage Enabler)

    Now is downloading 10.8.3 image the only fix for problem no.1? Can we somehow install the drivers without having to go through downloading the whole image and I can just upgrade using upgrade manager?

    Please reply in your free time no hurry.

    Thanks again.



    • ZackehSoul says:

      1. Haven’t installed VMware Tools.
      2. Use Google, think robservatory has a post about it.
      3. In progress.

  39. xLeandrox says:


    thanks, it gets installed in AMD 955 Phenome x4 easily, using VMware 9.0. The only problem ism that it hangs after the desktop loads and also when an application is started..

    Any ways that i can fix it.


  40. tuxvader says:

    Hi Zack, I have an AMD Phenom II X4 945.
    The problem that i’m having is tha the VM freezze at random times, mostly when I try to install xcode. Tell me what information do you need from me in order to have more info to solve the problem.

    Thank you for the hard work.!!!

  41. Adrian says:

    This may be off subject but…

    I am trying to install Photoshop CS6 and I noticed in the torrent link that System Requirements needed are an Intel Multi-core processer 64-bit…Will it recognize that I am AMD and therefore not let me run the program? The photoshop splash screen shows up and then it just crashes and does not run.

    Any help would be great. Thank you.

  42. gokhan yesilyurt says:

    I just bought ASUS NVidia Geforce GTX 600 to install the OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 with VMware. I heard that NVidia GTX 660 is one of the supported video cards out of the box. Unfortunately, this video card was not recognized by 10.8.3. What would you recommend?

  43. Peter says:

    You have 2 items Re VMware Tools: darwin.iso & Install VMware Tools.zip, both from 2012-02-04. I understand, the VMware Tools is in darwin.iso. What is the Install VMware Tools.zip for?

  44. mady says:

    its support asus ati amd hd 7750 pcie card

  45. f says:

    hangs after few minutes of usage with newest player and newest workstation on ubuntu 12.10 x64. any ideas?

  46. Kevin says:

    I want to say thanks for your great work, this release is the cleanest and most responsive I have tried yet! One thing though, I try to connect my webcam and I get an error message saying “the usb connection for the usb device was unsuccessful. Driver error. This really isn’t that big of a deal since I can just go to windows to use the webcam. But was wondering is there a way to get this to work. I’ve been looking everywhere for answers and cannot find any. The closet answer was to install Macam, with no luck tho. My intergrated webcam is a Suyin. Please don’t worry about waisting too many brain bits on this question, for your skills are needed in other ways, but if you happen to know I would appreciate it.

  47. Peter says:

    I succeeded to install VMware Tools on my AMD Phenom II 1090T. You mentioned “robservatory” somewhere in this blog. I found http://www.robservatory.com/?cat=15 with the recommendation:

    1. Make a snapshot of your current setup!
    2. Run the VMWare Tools installer, but do not reboot when it’s done. Just leave the installer running onscreen.
    3. Navigate to /Library > Application Support > VMware Tools.
    4. Delete vmmemctl.kext and vmmemctl
    5. Edit (you’ll need root power) services.sh in that same directory.
    6. Comment out these two lines (they’re shown commented out, via the # in front of each):
    7. #kextload ‘/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vmmemctl.kext’
    #’/Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vmmemctl’
    8. Save the edited file, quit the editor, and now (via the still-running Installer) reboot the virtual machine.

    I followed the recommendation, installed the VM Tools using your darwin.iso from Mediafire & successfully rebooted. My networking to the Host computer is now working, the same as Shared Folders (after enabling them from VM Settings – Options). It is awesome. Thank you for your work and help.

  48. xcode says:

    My apologies for not being thorough in my earlier comment. After reading the comments here and for the post for 10.8.2, I managed to install VMware Tools and get shared folders on AMD FX-8120.

    Firstly, I took a snapshot in case things screwed up.

    1. Using the latest VMware Tools from Mediafire, I tried to install them on Mac. I could do so since my flash drive was getting detected. However, I was getting kernel panic after reboot

    2. Trying again with the same Tools with the method specified here: http://www.robservatory.com/?p=809
    That didn’t work as well. I did not get kernel panic and it booted up fine, but no shared folders

    3. Finally, I tried “darwin_snow_legacy.iso” and installed the older VMware tools in that image and it worked

    It mostly runs fine for me. The only issue I have encountered is the considerable lag when accessing Launchpad. Thank you team for your awesome work, and the community for all the help you indirectly provided me

  49. twoj says:

    This is great stuff – thank you for all your work!

    I have a quick question – I had the screen resolution stuck on 1024×768 until i installed your VMware tools package from mediafire, now it allows me to change to all different resolutions however it doesn’t auto adjust.
    My monitor is by default 1920×1200, if i leave the ‘Best for Display’ radio button checked it sets it to 2360×1770 which is even larger than the actual monitor. I can manually set it however is this normal that it can’t auto-adjust the resolution like most other OSs in a VM?


  50. KW says:

    Thank you so much!! Truly Successful with AMD Phenom II 955, AMD 785G+710 Chipset. Windows 7 with VMWare 9 latest version.

    VMWare Tools has been SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED. I have commented out “vmmemctl” lines in service.sh according to Robservatory so that I can boot up after Tools installation. It didn’t work in previous OS version.

    By the way, I have changed the HDD to persistent just after first boot-up, which I am not sure if it relates to this.

    For Xcode. I can access its dmg downloaded on Windows through VM share folder, so there is no more chance of hanging due to big file transfer. So everything is just perfect and I am ready to program Apple Apps on an AMD PC.

  51. ks says:

    Excellent work! Thank you very much.

    Works fine on AMD Athlon II X4 630.

    I encountered a kernel panic after installing VMWare Tools. The following guide helped me to install it without troubles:

  52. D says:


    Thank you for working on this and making a new video. I really appreciate your efforts.

    I set up the VM on my AMD PC. It has an AMD 8150 processor. Everything worked fine until I installed the VMWare tools from your mediafire folder. I get a panic every time I try to boot and it keeps rebooting endlessly. Is there a way to fix this?

    Here is the panic message:

    Thank you.

  53. netrino says:

    Great work done by the team. Installation and first booting went fine on my Win7/64 windows DELL laptop.

    Unfortunately, after a 2-3 minutes of activity the system always freezes and I have to reset.

    I downloaded the latest VMware tools from mediafile. Package installation always freezes before completing (randomly, usually at 90%)

    Anybody having similar difficulties?
    Many thanks in advance

    • netrino says:

      Follow up to my prior message. By increasing the available memory to 2GB the VMware tools finished installation. This seems to be the cause of all freezing.

      Many thanks to the team!

  54. textbook says:

    Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1
    motherboard: Intel DX48BT2
    cpu: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600
    mem: 8GB of DDR3
    gfx: nVidia GeForce GT 440 1GB of GDDR5

    I have your 10.8.2 Image working perfectly fine.

    I added this new 10.8.3 vm image that you created… and things seem to be much smoother and performing well.

    However…. even tho i installed the vmware tools that you provided with the image… the vm is not formatting to the screen.

    So i installed the latest vmware tools from https://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/fusion/

    And that has given me the same results. the vm is still not auto fitting to my screen.

    So then i installed VM SVGA 2 package from your mediafire account.

    And i still have the same result.

    Is there anything that you can suggest? I really want to use 10.8.3 but i can’t use it if the screen isn’t properly fitted to my monitor.

    Thank you in advance.

  55. jessnuman says:

    found vmware tools in link above, silly me missed that. But that crashes the vm when installed and it keeps restarting. Wwent back to snapshot and all ok.
    Increased memory to 2gb as had a few lockups after a time.

  56. Subject4S says:

    Pretty stable on:
    AMD E-350 APU with integrated AMD Radeon HD 6310
    Host OS: Windows 8 Pro
    VMWare Workstation 9
    RAM: 5GB

    Assigned RAM to OSX: 3GB

    Used the Hardware unlocker and AMD kernel for it to work

    Installing VMWare Tools gives Kernel Panics.

    Sound works, YouTube works w/o Hardware Acceleration
    Local video not tested, Xcode pretty stable as well. iPhoto won’t open.
    App Store works, iCloud doesn’t work, but there’s a fix somewhere.

    iPhone does connect as well with iTunes (10 tested, 11 not yet)

    Launchpad takes long time to load, and lags too much (unusable), alternative:

    In Finder: Drag the Applications folder to the dock.

    Hopefully this helps,

    Subject4S (@bAdSubject4S)

  57. Tony says:

    Thanks heaps for your excellent work with Mountain Lion VM. Just one question – do I need to install VMware Tools or not ? I am running VMware Workstation 9 on Win 8 Pro. And if I do need to install them how do you do it ? If you could please explain the steps that would be great. Once again thanks.

  58. Andy says:

    Hi Zackeh,
    Thank you for your magnificent releases over the years.
    Since last year I was often running your Lion 10.7.3 image.
    In the past few days I have been trying Mountain Lion 10.8.3. Somehow, I cannot find any way to transfer files between the host and the VM. Here are the things I have tried but couldn’t get working:
    - drag and drop between VM and host.
    - copy-paste
    - shared folders (it appears for a split second at power up then disappears)
    - usb key (error message: The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. Initialize / Ignore / Eject)

    Does this find familiar from things you’ve tried? Would you have any clues to what I’m doing wrong?

    - Using VMWare Workstation 8 on Intel i7-2760QM with hardware virtualization turned on (Win7 x64).
    - In the VMX, per your instructions, replaced replace darwin12-64 with darwin11-64, and the install went without hitch.
    - Downloaded and installed VMWare Tools from mediafire.com/zackehsoul

    Thanks a million in advance for any insights.
    Wishing you a fun weekend!

  59. Robert C. says:

    I have been trying to work out is the SMBios software setups are ignored or not on this VM Worskstation 9 set up.
    This started in a hunt to try and enable iMessage. Let me be specific.
    I installed originally following thses instructions ;

    Using instructions from this link;


    I can create the /Extra/SMBios.plist file, and the lik to it from /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist which also lives in the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration directory.

    Also, Mac serial numbers are explained her
    and here

    Any of the commands for the SMBios injector work including of course #smview, which produces this output;

    sh-3.2# smview
    SMbiosdate = “04/22/11″;
    SMbiosvendor = “Apple, Inc”;
    SMbiosversion = “MBP81.88Z.0047.B0E.1104221557″;
    SMcputype = 1537;
    SMexternalclock = “1333 MHz”;
    SMfamily = “MacBook Pro”;
    SMmanufacturer = “Apple Inc.”;
    SMmaximalclock = “2.3 GHz”;
    “SMmemmanufacturer_1″ = “No Name”;
    “SMmemmanufacturer_2″ = “No Name”;
    “SMmempart_1″ = 998877664;
    “SMmempart_2″ = 998877665;
    “SMmemserial_1″ = 112233446;
    “SMmemserial_2″ = 112233445;
    SMmemspeed = 1333;
    SMmemtype = 24;
    SMproductname = “MacBookPro8,1″;
    SMserial = C02JP0K3DH2G;
    SMsystemversion = “1.0″;

    However – nothing I do has the slightest effect on the system once loaded. The boot sequensce seems to completly ignore what ever is in these files.
    “About My Mac” simply returns what ever the VM boot does to start it all up.

    So what I’m wanting to know I guess, is…
    Is the boot controlled by my VMWorkstation 9, by something set up in the original OSX image, or soemthing else?

    Do you have a description of the sequensce.
    What loads what, and where does it get its info (config) from.

    If you read this, and even better reply, much appreciated.

  60. WonderCsabo says:


    Where is the AMD image? I don’t see any AMD labeled files in the Downloads section.

  61. Robert C. says:

    I originally installed the 10.8.2 image, on
    VMware® Workstation
    9.0.2 build-1031769
    Windows 8, 64-bit (Build 9200) 6.2.9200

    Updated through 10.8.3, and now to 10.8.4 via the iTunes/App store upgrade thing. It works fine.

    I noticed today that as I had applied the VMWorkstation 8 fix to my VM9, it seemed to have been wiped by a recent update. Still worked, but the OS X option was no longer there. So I just ran the patch again, and there is is – the OSX option.

    I don’t know if I need to mess with the tools again.

    Everything but a few little niggles seem to work fine.
    Sound is really crappy, even after trying most “fixes”
    I had the builtin webcam working – but now it’s disappeared again, and the VMWorkstation option to show Removable Devices is greyed out as well. Although I had the webcam working, it would not show video. Only play sound. Just a black screen instead of video.

    Of course – iMessage doesn’t work. I can’t seem to change the system show the MAC seerial number, which iMessage needs.

    But otherwise, it all works.
    So for what it’s worth…
    The workstation 8 patch for windows, works for Workstation 9, and on Windows 8

    This is a link to the screen showing the enabled OSX option in the VMWorkstation setup

    • ZackehSoul says:

      iMessage Enabler is being patched as I type this :p And the Unlocker works for v9, some files just get overwritten on updates and it needs to be rerun. It still works because I put modules into the installation which allow it to run off it’s own back (not as well as with the unlocker though).

      • Peter says:

        Great!! So we can expect the iMessage Enabler to be online soon? Would like to test/use that ! :)

      • Robert C. says:

        Thanks for the great code Zack.
        I’m looking forward to the new iMessage patch. Not that I use iMessage, it just annoys me not getting it to work. :-)

        This is probably a silly question, so pardon my ignorance please, but what is the boot sequence of the guest OSX?

        What loads what? The VMWorkstation shows the Guest OS, in this case OSX. It offers to Click to Run. So I click… and what happens next?
        Is there a boot file in the OSX directory structure, or embedded in the VMX files somewhere. What ever loads obviously doesn’t read the /Extra/SMBios.plist file, and the com.apple.Boot.plist or it would set the options like Serial number. Or is that what you are patching now?

        I ask all this because. I may have inadvertantly changed or installed a dodgy boot loader. Because when I apply your original iMessaage patch, I end up with copies of a file called org.chaemeleon.Boot.plist as well as com.apple.Boot.plist in the /Extra directory.

        Great work Zack. This is really interesting stuff.

        • ZackehSoul says:

          Without the edited iMessage .vmx VMware loads from it’s own EFI bootloader booted from an .iso image and bypasses the Mac loader entirely. After the patch has been applied, it boots from the Mac bootloader, which is a form of chameleon in order to allow it to boot properly. If you boot without the VMware loader you should see the serial information taking effect and you can use something like SMBIOSInjector to control your information.

          The reason you have a copied one is because I didn’t want to just overwrite, meaning you can merge any edits you made originally if you want (i.e. from the copied one to the new one). I just figured a ‘basic’ file that I knew worked would be the best way to go, as it accounts for most scenarios. :p

  62. Jesse James says:

    Just got a update to 10.8.4 should I update or wait.

  63. Andy says:

    No trouble upgrading to 10.8.4.

    Still not able to copy-paste or drag-drop between host and VM.
    Want to add that in Options / Guest Isolation, both Enable drag and drop and Enable copy-paste are checked.

    Ever heard of that before? Thirsty for any hint. :)

    Thank you.

  64. PolishOX says:


    Recent build of chameleon address/fix the imessage issues.

    Do you have plans to create 10.8.4 images?

    Has anyone tried making a VDI out of these images?
    How would one go about doing that?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      10.8.4 will come after I’ve played with 10.9 :) And don’t convert these to VDI, it won’t be very optimized. In future I’m going to optimize for both, I just have to rewrite a couple of things. And the chameleon fix is good but won’t work with the AMD kernel which is what I’m looking at solving right now.

  65. Andy says:

    Hi Zack,
    Hope all is well for you.
    After trying lots of things, my impression is that VMWare Tools does not work on certain setups at the
    moment. Are you able to confirm that?

    1. The zip install from mediafire/zackehsoul installed with no glitch, screen res is perfect, however any copy/paste, drag/drop, shared folder functions are not working.

    2. Tried the alternate installation approach on
    Same thing, perfect resolution etc, but no way to transfer files.

    3. Win7x64 on Intel i7.

    Are you able to confirm that VMWare Tools does not work for some other people?

    Thanks a million.

  66. May says:

    This image worked for me without having to use the unlocker on workstation 9. Does that mean the unlocker is no longer needed?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      No. The Unlocker makes the VM play more nicely with things such as VMware Tools and just generally run more smoothly.

  67. Fred says:

    omg omg omg thanks so much Zack!!! after more than a month of researching, this is the only one that seem to work for me!

  68. MacNewComer says:

    Seems to work perfectly.

  69. Brendan Shurilla says:

    Sony Vaio VPCEF37FX, with an AMD Turion II P540 works pretty darn good! although when I try to install vm tools it causes kernel panics..

  70. Yuri says:

    As previously stated above;
    Guest operating system ‘darwin12-64′ is not supported.

    Select a guest operating system from the General page on the Options tab of Virtual Machine Settings.
    I am having the same problems. But the solution above did not help me, I must be dumb because I cannot find the spot to change “darwin12-64″ to “darwin11-64″
    Any instructions to fix this that are easy to follow?
    I really want this to work. :)

  71. Seb says:

    It works absolutely flawlessly on my i5 4670K with Windows 7 64 and the latest VMWare Workstation.

    Thanks for the great work!

  72. Seb says:

    There seems to be a problem with Java 7. There is no error during installation, but the 1.7.0 JVM is not actually installed:

    ll /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/
    total 0
    drwxr-xr-x 3 root wheel 102 Jun 20 20:40 1.6.0.jdk

  73. Jason says:

    Works on AMD A10-4655M APU 2.00GHz

  74. lobsterPlate says:

    A BIG Shout out and Thank You to the Soul Dev Team and MrZackehhSoul for this marvelous production…
    just thought id let you know that I’m using a AMD A4 3305M processor and that when it looked like it wasn’t going to work for me I went to Bios turned on virtualization AND I ran “VMware virtual disk file” from the mountain lion folder… once it starts it fails after a couple minutes, after that I ran “VMware virtual machine configuration” there were no more errors.. hope that can help someone… thanks again
    This going to sound super noobie but can I set up any accounts ( email, iTunes ) or that a No,No

  75. Henry Li says:

    installed it on a AMD Phenom II X4 965 but I hang when I create my account. Can you help me?

  76. Gibran says:

    Is it possible to use Unity on Windows with Mac OS X as guest? cause I can’t get it to work

  77. Henry Li says:

    Update: AMD Phenom II X4 is working with AMD/RVI and with 2GB of RAM.

  78. Robert C. says:

    Need to access the BIOS on boot?
    Most users will not need to access the BIOS, but advanced users might want to do so, to change the boot order, set a boot password, or enable a second floppy drive. To work around this problem, use a text editor to add the following line to the configuration (.vmx) file of the virtual machine:

    bios.forceSetupOnce = “TRUE”

    The next time you boot up the virtual machine, it will automatically boot into the BIOS. This configuration option then reverts to FALSE. You must set the option to TRUE each time you want to boot the virtual machine into the BIOS.

  79. happyslamdance says:

    Confirmed this to be working on the AMD A4-3400 APU in VMware v9.0.2.

  80. ty says:

    It’s working on my AMD FX 6300 with Intel VT-X and AMD-V set. I’m also using a Geforce GTX 650 ti and haven’t seen any problems yet

  81. happyslamdance says:

    Works great on AMD FX-6100 with an XFX Radeon HD 7850.

  82. mjedi7 says:

    Confirmed working:

    Windows 7 SP1 64bit
    AMD Phenom II X6 BE 1090T @3.6Ghz 4GB RAM
    nVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti
    WMWare 9.0.0
    No patches or Configuration change to the VM (only augmented RAM to 2048MB)

  83. esxiguii says:

    Confirmed this is working on my AMD FX 6100 / ASRock 970 Extreme 3 running in ESXi 5.1 (build 1021289), as well as on my AMD E-350 / Asus E35M1-I running in ESXi 5.1 U1 (build 1065491).

    Haven’t had time to try VMware Tools yet, will provide an update when I do…

    Thanks ZackehSoul and Soul Dev Team!

  84. Shiva Kumar says:

    Installed on Intel Machine – I5 4b Ram. Everything is working smoothly. Shared Folders, Network, Graphics. Much faster than on AMD Machine. Any work around for VM Virtual Tools on AMD.

  85. Evan says:

    I have only three problems right now.
    1. When I start up the OS, the screen is letterboxed until I log in and I can’t edit the org.chameleon.boot.plist file to fix it (not even with sudo)
    2. Flash videos play, but only the sound does. The video is blank
    3. Sound gets very choppy.
    If I could have a solution to these that would be great.
    Other than those, great job!

  86. felix says:

    Success! HP Microserver running a Turion II NL54, HP build of ESXi 5.1. slow little bugger but I basically wanted it for time machine backups and media sharing so it’ll do.


  87. Jay says:

    The VMWare image works well; I had to reinstall VMWare tools a couple of times in order for it to work.

    I’m running Windows 8 (unfortunately); is it possible to use Windows gestures (two finger scroll, etc.) inside of this VM?

    Thank you!

  88. Fabian says:


    First of all – thank you for your great work! I didn’t try it yet, but i want to run an OS X in a VMWare and you show me how :)

    Is there an direct link to download the files too?
    Greez, Fabian

  89. RC says:

    also, I have read the comments and am unclear. Is there a iMessage fix yet? For ANY Mac os VM?

    If yes, please link.

    THank you,

  90. Martin says:

    I have installed this and it seems to be working fine other than a bug where Launchpad does not open and freezes my VM but that is not my current concern.

    I was wondering if it is possible to get QE working? I have switchable graphics on my host system between Intel 4000 and AMD Radeon 7520.


  91. Sasi says:

    I would share 3 problems I faced today and How I fixed it.
    1. Sound choppy
    Use only 1 processor. Don’t add 2 or more for more performance !

    2. Shared folders disappear after booting
    Make sure you have the following lines in .vmx file

    isolation.tools.hgfs.disable = “FALSE”
    hgfs.mapRootShare = “TRUE”
    hgfs.linkRootShare = “TRUE”

    3. Video Choppy sometimes
    Try “3D acceleration” in VM Settings

  92. Bryan says:

    Hey man! Just wanted to say that i got this working on an AMD FX-8320 with Intel VT-X and AMD-V set. Im also using a GTX 660Ti 2GB, have my ram set to 4gb and processor cores set to 8 and all is well.

    One problem though, my network isn’t working when i set my WiFi adapter through VMWare. It says connected in mac, but still isn’t working. I would appreaciate any help.

    On an end note, thank you for making this tutorial, it’s the only one that works on my machine, and after 1 week of trying to do hackintoshes, and vm wares, you’res worked right out of the box. Thanks, and keep going what you’re doing! :)

  93. Alexis says:

    Works fine on AMD Athlon(tm) 7750 Dual-Core Processor

  94. Robert says:

    Thanks for this. I can use shared folders and ISO mount as CD ROM when using vmware 8.0.6. The only problem seems to be the screen resolution that doesnt increase when VM is changed to full screen mode. This used to work when using Lion 10.7.3. Any help in this direction would be nice.

  95. Gil says:


    Few things after using 10.8.3:

    1. iMessage enabler disables sound. No option to choose output sound device. Had to uninstall VMX patch.

    2. Sound is very choppy

    3. Youtube videos are blank and only sound is going through.

    Any fix for the above?

    darwin.iso is installed.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Darwin.iso isn’t meant for ML, as said one hundred times before :p Use only the latest VMware tools. Search the site for a YouTube fix.

      • JazJon says:

        I found a work around for sound after you enable iMessage!
        -I installed AirFoil 4.7.4 (you know where to find it)
        -I changed my network to “Bridged”
        -I selected System Audio in AirFoil and it installed an add-on, rebooted.
        -Bam! I have Audio again!

        I use AirServer as the AirPlay receiver.
        You can also use the Windows AirFoil Speakers or XBMC (enable airplay) but both of those seem to crash after a bit.

        Youtube videos play, but are not smooth. Audio is smooth but video is very choppy.

        The iMessage sound effects don’t seem to chime off. I think it’s because I only have a half as working Audio device in OS X.

        P.S. VM Tools mouse is still broken but good enough for now. I even have Facetime working with my logitech Camera.

  96. itzik says:

    Hi Zack

    Thanks for the excellent work.
    2 issues i’m having (mentioned by others here)
    are :
    1. Pressing ‘Launchpad’ shortcut in dock just freezes VM.
    2. Host webcam pair (“Suyin_Laptop_Integrated_Webcam_HD”) not working. USB device driver error.

    Is there a fix for any of these issues?

    I have a working Lion 10.7.5 VM where both issues don’t exist, can I take something from there to make it work here ?



    • ZackehSoul says:

      1. That’s a known bug, I’m not entirely sure what fixes it yet (although it works on Mavericks).
      2. If there’s any drivers for that webcam you need to install them in the VM.

      You can’t just take from Lion and put into ML, because there are no drivers that are “alone”, you’d replace an entire family of stuff which will probably cause issues elsewhere.

    • MikeW007 says:

      To enable your webcam:

      In WMware Workstation 9, while you have your VM powered on, click on VM –:> Removable Devices –:> Look for your webcam –:> Connect (Disconnect from Host).

      Keep in mind you can only use your webcam on either your host OR your guest but not both. For example, you cannot use the webcam in your guest VM then minimize that and try to use the webcam on your host.

  97. FrEeDoMmM says:

    is it support for Haswell processors?

  98. Alex N says:

    Thank you for all the work!

    I would never pay the insane amount of money for a real mac so I love this!

    After reading through everything I will try the darwin snow legacy iso.

    I read somewhere around post 20 that these vmtools work fine.
    drag and drop too for all above me.

    Read up people.

  99. NoName says:

    Hi Zackeh,

    I successfully booted with the vmx, But I’m not able to install the VMware Tools in either way of your mediafire image as well as http://www.robservatory.com/?p=809 I got the kernel panic with boot loop. After installing the VMware Tools, I can’t find the files you guys are specifying, (i.e) Inside /Library/Application Support/ I can’t see any folder/file named “VMware Tools”. My configuration is Windows 7 x64 with AMD Phenom x4 955 + VMware Workstation 9.0.1. Without installing VMware Tools I can able to access Internet/LAN, Screensize fits perfectly, Audio works good, Still is there any necessary to install VMware Tools ?

  100. Robert C says:

    Don’t know if this is the VM Image, or iPhoto itself. But – iPhoto doesn’t work in Edit mode, showing only a black image, and Slide Show doesn’t work either, it just hangs forever…
    Could this be another case of Apple doing hardware checks? like it does with iMessage?

  101. Zack says:

    When I attempt to start 10.8.3, the screen freezes at the vmware logo with the grey background before it even reaches the mac logo.


    I’m using a Dell Studio 1458 and vmware 8.

    Attempted solutions:

    1. Changing darwin12-64 to darwin11-64

    2. Checking vt is enabled in bios.

    3. Changing the ram from 1 to 2

    Additional Information:

    I followed the directions in your above video as well as the linked tutorials.

  102. Patrick says:

    Hi Guys… Works on an AMD A6-6400K

  103. kiavan92 says:

    Big thanks!
    Athlon X2 4800+ (Brisbane) works fine with virtualization bypasser.

  104. lowbred says:

    Firstly, THANK YOU!

    Is there away to change boot screen resolution? I tried adding:
    Graphics Mode
    to the com.apple.Boot.plist but no go.

    VMware tools installed/vmsvga 2
    Phenom II x6 1055T
    Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT

    When she is loaded reso is 1280×768 but that has nothing to do with editing com.apple.Boot.plist, I achieved that through system preferences.

    Any ideas?

  105. Boraxx says:

    Im getting a KEXT 71 error.

    Supposedly this can be resolved by giving an appropriate SUDO command.

    However the sudo command requires a user password, which I never set. But a blank password is not accepted either.

    Any idea on the password or solution?

    Getting the kext error when I try to install XCode using the App store.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Sudo isn’t set, but can’t be blank in Terminal. So you have to go set one.

    • troglobyte says:

      I did ‘su -’ and entered the password for my user acct. Then I was able to set root with ‘passwd’. After that, Xcode installed. I’m not sure why it accepted my user pass, but it did. My user acct must be a member of root (but shouldn’t be). I’m new to OS X so I’m just going by what I know of Linux. I haven’t had time to play with OS X much but maybe that will help you.

  106. Lauro Abreu says:

    How do i add a custom resolution for it?
    My TV resolution isnt there (1360×768).

    One more thing, i`ve installed VMware Tools inside this torrent and it worked. I dunno why isnt working with all of you out of the box.

  107. Jeff says:

    I’m using a AMD FX-8120 and i had no problems. = ]]

  108. Paul says:

    Hey Zach,

    I am using this image in VMware 9. Works perfect on my AMD w/Win 8 as host. I have followed your instructions using Chamelon, created a /Extra folder, and configured a com.chamelon.boot.plist in that folder, however when I reboot in VMware, the boot is the standard loader that you injected. When rebooting the /Extra folder is not seen. I am trying to get it to boot with the new boot loader so that the “About this MAC” identifies this virtual MAC as a real MAC so that I can use facetime and iMessages. How do I get the OSX to boot using the new boot loader located in the /Extra folder???

    • Paul says:

      Here is what I put in my SMbios.plist located in the same /Extra folder:

      1066 MHz
      Apple Inc.
      3.33 GHz
      No Name
      No Name

  109. Jack says:

    When can we expect a VMware Workstation Unlocker update for VMware Workstation 10?

  110. ramprasad says:

    Wonderful. Works perfectly on my i7
    Just one thing. After downloading, WinRAR could not extract the .7z file. Had to install 7z for this sake. Few people may think that the files are corrupt.

    Thank you very much
    Best Regards

  111. troglobyte says:

    Is it possible to make a bootable physical drive for AMD OS X from the vm, or even better, can the iso be acquired somewhere? I’m assuming Apple doesn’t sell it. Now that I know it works with my box I would like to have a native install to get the full use of my video.

  112. Alcatraz says:

    Is it safe to update the VM to 10.8.5 from 10.8.4?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Try it out and let us know :)

      • Gouda says:

        I just updated from 10.8.4 to 10.8.5 and everything seems OK so far. The VM boots up in about 30-40 seconds, which is about how long it took before.

      • Stefano says:

        Upgraded from this 10.8.3 to 10.8.5
        During the upgrade it seems to be freezed so I forces a shut down of the VM.
        In the second try it finished the installation and rebooted well.
        Now I have a 10.8.5

      • Peter Schmidt says:

        I just tried it myself and it immediately failed to boot – running an AMD FX-6300 system on Arch Linux 64 bit, VMware Workstation 10. The 10.8.3 setup worked fine.

    • Eddy says:

      Just tried this myself (after switching to the full VMware Workstation 10 so that I could take a snapshot, just in case).

      It seemed to all update ok, it rebooted and got back to the login screen (where I have a password set)… but then it seems something went a bit crazy with the keyboard. I typed my password and pressed return, but the return key actually kept adding another character every time I pressed it. Just typing my password and then clicking the arrow didn’t work either, so obviously the keys were getting mixed up somehow.

      So as I couldn’t do much else, I shutdown and restarted the VM… and it all seems to be working fine since :)

  113. TheSwede says:

    Update to 10.8.5 worked flawless for me. Coming from 10.8.3 then 10.8.4 and now 10.8.5.

    System is almost in it’s original state except a few programs such as Firefox, Smultron etc..

  114. amd support says:

    Confirming that everything is working on AMD A6-4455M.

  115. Vlad says:

    I try on VMware Workstation 10 with unlocker 18/09/13 1.2.0
    on – Phenom II X2 960T all works fine! I give 4Gb? 4 cores Virtualization engine Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI
    Notice 1 do not upgrade to 10.8.5 or you can see “There is no fucking support for running lion on amd”
    Notice 2 To see video on youtube turn off hadware accelaration

    Can you say is it possible to update to 10.8.4? How to do it?
    Or what about

  116. Robert C says:

    Since installing 10.8.3, on Workstation 9, I’ve upgraded through the app store to 10.8.4, and now to 10.8.5.
    I have also now got XCode 5 and iOS 7 SDK etc running on it. It’s a bit slow – but that’s my machine – not the software. But hey. I can live with it.

    I only installed the VMWare Unlocker so it would recognize the OSX virtual machine. I have not done the other patches to get the serial number thus iMessage working, because on trial it caused other problems anyway.
    I have not installed the VMTools either. I tried a trial copy – and it seemed to make no difference, so why bother.

    So I’m happy with where it is.

    Things that don’t work on it.
    iPhoto -> Edit mode
    iTunes movie trailer video – sound ok
    Latest Skype. Early one works, version 2.xx something.
    Most anything that requires highres video. It seems there is a problem with the VM Video driver is all. It’s some sort of bog standard vga driver it seems.
    Sound remains choppy, but clear when it does work, again a function of the overworked hardware. A really high-spec system would probably be allright.
    If I try to run in FullScreen mode, the mouse develops a dual personality. I have two pointers, both of which are active-responsive. So you can be clicking on two things at once. Very confusing. So I don’t run in full screen mode. Again, I think this is a video driver/hardware issue. Not the VM image as such.

    Other wise – it all works really well, nearest thing to a real Mac there is.
    I’m running on a Toshib L630 Laptop, 8gb ram, Windows 8 Pro 64bit, dual monitors. The laptop, and a side standalone monitor.
    Hope that helps anyone…

  117. besweeet says:

    I ran into a problem. I’m using the default 150GB (max) VMDK. My VM somehow used up all of the space, despite the actual OS using less than 10GB. Since VMware Workstation can’t reclaim space for HFS+ VMDKs, I tried cloning the drive to a new, empty VMDK using SuperDuper!, Carbon Copy Cloner, Disk Utility, and Terminal, all without success. I’ll either get a black screen with a _ on it, or it’ll try and do an Intel network boot. I’d rather not start over with the VM, as I have my current one the way I like.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Actually, Workstation can reclaim it assuming you zero the drive. If you zero over any free space inside the VM and then compact via Workstation, it should shrink your VMDK as normal.

  118. QMtwo says:

    Running AMD and 10.8.3 worked a charm. However, I’ve tried updating to 10.8.4 since it said that the latest version of Xcode required it, and my main reason for running a VM is to get into app development.

    After the reboot, this is the Kernal Panic error I’m getting:

    I don’t think I’ve done anything about VMware Tools yet.

    Anyone know what I should be doing here?

  119. elfster says:

    Works on AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72, 3GB, with 1GB for VM on Workstation running on Win7 32bit. Works locally and as a shared VM. Youtube not working, but I haven’t tried to fix it, and don’t really care. Thanks!

  120. TIMVAK says:

    Heej Zack, loving you’re build mate!

    But i want to resize the hard disk drive size but the function seems to be locked.

    I’m using vmware workstation 10 linux x64
    and want to decrease the size to 90Gb

    any ideas on how to do that?

    Thanks in advance.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Decrease? No-go, it’s reserved (kinda). You could always just resize the partition in the VM which should stop it getting any bigger than 90GB.

  121. mickhogan says:

    Never mind, I figured it out. I copied the AMD nvram file to replace the default nvram file. Good to go! Thanks again for all the info!

  122. dammahom59 says:

    I was able to update to OS X 10.8.4 from 10.8.3 using a 10.8.4 .dmg from Apple’s Website on a AMD Phentom II X4 955 and update to XCode 5 with no issues.

  123. JEK says:

    Works on Phenom II X2 555, but freezing after 2-3 minutes, and need restart.

  124. apxn says:

    after updating from (with amd cpu) 10.8.3 to 10.8.5 i’ve got a kernel panic.

    >>panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff801745d1d1): “unable to find driver for this platform: \”acpi\”.\n”@/users/andyvand/downloads/10.8.2_sources/xnu-2050.18.24/iokit/kernel/ioplatformexpert.cpp:1552

  125. StefTho says:

    Acer aspire S3 i5
    Graphic (hd3000 1366×768), Sound (voodoohda), AirPlay, FaceTime, icloud, imessage, Elan smartpad, AppStore

    Update to 10.8.5 everything is Fine:)

    Wont work:
    Batteryinformation(Voodoobattery) and adding gadgets in Mission Control is very very Slow

  126. ingenio says:

    I Works on Gigabyte f2a85xn-wifi with Apu a10 6800 with 4gb ram. Not patch used. Only amd kernel command.

    Works ok.

    Great Job

  127. Mike Hunt says:

    To fix the issue where your VM won’t autoresize, open Terminal and try the following (Go -> Utilities -> Terminal):

    sudo -s
    sudo rm -R /System/Library/Extensions/VMsvga*
    sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions

    Then reboot.

    After rebooting, download the newest VMware Tools from here (pick the largest build number, click the random number link, click packages, click com.vmware.fusion.tools.darwin.zip.tar): http://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/fusion/

    Double-click the tar file, double click the extracted zip file. In the remaining folder, go into “payload” and double-click the “darwin.iso”. When prompted, install VMware Tools.

    If your VM is getting stuck at the grey “VMware”, uncheck “Connect at power on” under CD/DVD (IDE)in the virtual machine settings.

  128. troglobyte says:

    Audio is better, not perfect but better. I had the volume levels set too high. That solved the scratchy sound but there’s still latency issues with higher resolutions. I have the same latency issues with some Linux distros, in VMs, too.

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