Disclaimer: All work shared in this post is property of ©2012 Soul Dev Team. Anybody wishing to share this work is freely allowed to, provided they give credit to the original creators, and link back to this post.

This is the updated OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 VMware Image, for use on a Windows PC. This should run (almost) flawlessly and quickly. Sound work just fine and VMware Tools can fix resolution issues. Please also be aware that certain issues could actually stem from applications having not yet been updated to work with Mountain Lion. You can see the changelog and download links below. As usual, we appreciate all donations in order to fund our continued efforts.

OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 VMware Image Changelog

- Apple dropped support for 32-bit mode in DP2 of Mountain Lion, so make sure
you keep the VMware Settings flagged as “Mac OS X 10.7 64-bit” otherwise
no bootable medium will be detected.
- Comes with direct download links as usual.
- Continued new packaging for smaller download.
- Fresh installation of 10.8.2, everything was fixed during installation.
- Good boot time, can take as little as 20 seconds on startup.
- Kernel includes support for Ivy Bridge processors, so this should solve the
Apple logo issue for those running Ivy Bridge’s.
- iMessage fix is included in this build (see here).
- Make sure VT is turned on in your BIOS, if available.
- No comment on AMD systems. Same applies as previously mentioned here.
- Now contains ability to change the serial number in the VM. Just start it
using this file, and use the SMBIOS Injector.
- Recommended you run on the latest version of VMware, as that’s what it was
tested on, and apparently fixes Apple logo stalling in certain situations.
- Several driver patches to allow as best a universal build as possible.
- Snappier system. Clicks receive response almost (if not) instantaneously.
- We uploaded an updated VMware Tools to our Mediafire folder here. These
tools came with the latest VMware release and should support Mountain Lion.

As you can see, there are a bunch of changes in this build even if not all have been included. Underneath you can find the setup guide video to show you how it all needs to be setup for it to work correctly. It’s important you take note, because we won’t answer any questions that are already answered in the video:

If you wish to download the OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 VMware Image via torrent, you can grab it from here. As promised, I’m including direct links as well this time around, but you’ll have to deal with the fact that they will be slower than the torrent, even though I have now paid for faster speeds. You can find the direct links here.

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  1. Trey says:

    Is iMessages supported on this build?

  2. Simon says:


    Great video and vmware image.
    Can you tell me how I increase the vram so I can install logic pro 9 ?

    when I try and Install Logic Studio it comes up with the error:
    -Logic Studio Installer requires that your system have a Quartz Extreme capable video card.
    -Logic Studio Installer recommends that your system have 64 MB of VRAM; this system has only 0 MB of VRAM.

    Please help

    • ZackehSoul says:

      You won’t be able to enable QE in VMware as far as I’m aware, I’ll look into it. As for VRAM just add svga.vramSize = “” to your .vmx

      • Simon says:

        Hi Zack

        svga.vramSize = “64000000” is in the vmx file but still it repors back as 0 meg ?

        Any chance you can build a image with logic pro installed ?

        Any help is greatly recieved


      • Daniel says:

        Hey! I am using the Mac 10.8.3 now on my Windows PC, thanks to your videos and walk-through! It all works great but, I am having a problem about the Vram, I need to Change my 0 MB Vram into 120 MB Vram to run Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro 9 and it is saying, I have 0 MB Vram! How and where exactly, do I change the Vram?


        - Daniel

  3. rafikwood says:

    what about launchpad freeze zack?

  4. Zoidberg says:

    Thanks for the new version!
    But I am still getting the “A fault has occurred causing a virtual CPU to enter the shutdown state.” error as soon as the Apple logo appears.
    I have tried several PC configs (C2D, Sandy Bridge i5, i7, Ivy Bridge i5) with Windows 7 64-bit, multiple VMware Workstations (7,8,9) and the latest Player and numerous variation of settings and .vmx file directives… all the same: CPU shutdown state….
    I have followed your instructions as seen on the video both with my 1.8.0 and 1.8.2 install attempts. If one specific config with one specific VMware WS version and one specific vm image would fail, I could understand that but after more than 150 combination of attempts – all leading to the same result – I am really really interested about what have I done wrong, what have I missed? What does that error message means actually? The log shows there was a Triple fault before that. Or maybe a 151th attempt on different hardware would work?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      There has to be something you’re doing wrong. All of the systems you listed should be fine. Are you running it from EFI or iMessage?

      • Zoidberg says:

        By running it from EFI you mean that the firmware is set to EFI? Yes, it is/was. And I also tried the iMessage fix .vmx.
        Well, not exactly a solution for the problem at hand, but I just got one of your earlier, Lion release and it works flawlessly. Since it supports all my needs, I think I’ll be fine with it until a new version of iOS SDK / XCode comes out.
        Thanks anyway for your help and for your awesome work!

    • David says:

      Did you try to modify the VM Settings > Hard Disk Advanced Settings > Mode to Independent & Persistent?
      I get the Snow Leopard VMware image works by changing this option before.

      Anyway, I get the same error message when trying to run v10.8.2, while my PC runs v10.7.5 perfectly fine with the same Virtual Machine Settings and hardware configs (CPU: E3400, RAM 8GB).

      • Zoidberg says:

        Yes, I’ve tried those but nothing changed. 10.7.x works fine for me too, so I’ll just stick to it.

        • Flauschi28 says:

          i know its quite a while later, but i had the same error.
          i guess u have a sandy bridge cpu too.
          i just downloaded a new bios for my motherboard and now its working.

          • thomas says:

            i have been searching for solution for hours and just read yours. got my bios updated. boooooom!

            this is something easy to have missed out ;)

    • cromag says:

      When I use the default settings for 10.8 my “Virtual cpu enters a shutdown state” as well. I have 10.7.5 working but it’s not flawless. Every time I plug in a flash drive it causes my virtual machine to throw up a power off window.

  5. jack says:

    Working without hitches, even installing vmwaretools.

    Thank you SoulDev, great job!:D

  6. cleaner23 says:


    is the video performance now faster/bufixed with the new VMtools in that build?

  7. Mr. Cook says:

    Running nicely on VMWare 8 after installed VMWare tools and svga II. One question, there’s a new supplemental update for mountain lion 10.8.2. Is it safe to update the vm from the app store with it? Anyone tried yet? Cause dont wanna mess up my setup.

  8. JbRbV says:

    thanks for this new version. Unfortunately i still get the ‘Could not sign in to iMessage error’.
    i followed your instructions by starting with the small vmx and once logged in, entered smserial – and rebooted.
    What next?

  9. jack says:

    How to add more vram into the Mac OS?
    I mean, Display show only 128 mb and I want to add 256 or 512.
    I have a GTX460 with 1 GB VRAM. Off course, I edited the .vmx file adding svga.vramSize = “268435456″ but doesn’t work.
    I’m trying this because I receive the error when try to opening the game Farm Tribe 2 “Unable to init Graphics Driver – Fatal error!”
    Or the error has nothing to do with it.xDDD

    • ZackehSoul says:

      I doubt it’s related to the VRAM. But if it is, there maybe a maximum you can set using vramSize. Check out VMware documentation.

  10. nico says:

    can you give us lastest Vmware Tools?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      It’s hosted here.

      • DarkSands says:

        How does one install the Tools to VMware?

        Install tools nets me an error:
        Could not find component on update server. Contact VMware Support or your system administrator.

        No option to point to the downloaded tools.


        • ZackehSoul says:

          Read the previous comments. Download them from here and install.

          • DarkSands says:

            Ok I got it finally!

            The tools are not installed locally on VMware , but in the VMWare Virtual machine.

            So I used safari within the Mac VM to download and install!

            Yeah! A fully function Mac on my Win7 PC!

  11. Chris says:

    I did everything right, Unlocker, The VM pach and then run OSX but I am getting “Mac OS X is not supported with software vitalization, To run Mac OS X you need a host of which VMware Workstation supports hardware”

  12. Cedric Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing all your work. I am running your 10.8.2 image in unmodified Workstation 9 (no unlocker, no hardware bypasser), and all seems to be well.
    Problem : my player (VLC) refuses to play any video due to the absence of OpenGL / Quartz Extreme. Am I right in thinking this is to be expected in a VM ?
    Minor problem : my VM is configured to go to full screen after power up and this causes the display to jump around and resize itself for a few seconds, but after that it’s fine.

  13. SpaceMarine says:

    How about the direct links? :-)

  14. Mike says:

    Dear Zack,

    Thank you for a great download and guide. I followed it and it installed without a glitch, OS X 10.8.2 works fine. I could not install VMWare Tools from within the OS X Guest, but I downloaded darwin.iso (has Fusion VM Tools) and the installed the Tools on OS X Guest. I am encountering only one issue and I hope you can help. My laptop’s integrated WebCam (BisonCam) works fine in Windows 7 Host and in Windows XP VMWare Guest, but it fails in OS X Guest with following message: The connection to the USB device BisonCam was unsuccessful, Driver Error. The integrated webcam is 2.0 MPX and is considered USB 2 (I think) and my Virtual Machine is set to be compatible with USB 2.0. All other USB devices when connected to the 2.0 USB port work fine in the OS X Guest (they don’t work if I connect them to a USB 3.0 port). I even connected an external USB 2 webcam and it worked right away. I did all the updates to the OS X Guest.

    Any suggestions from you would be a great help.
    Thank you in advance,


  15. Ed says:

    Thanks for this release!
    I’ve got the VmWare Tools installed and proper resolution yet my graphic accelerator (Nvidia GeForce GTS 250M) is not being used with native drivers and thus quite sluggish…
    Digging a bit I found that GraphicsEnabler=Yes should be set in Chameleon configuration file /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist but seems to be impossible to edit (unlock) this file… any suggestions? Thx

    • ZackehSoul says:

      That file is locked to avoid anybody breaking important stuff. And GraphicsEnabler=Yes will have no effect in VM

  16. Paul says:

    Great work guys! My machine boots but I have to wait about 10 minutes each time the VM boots before the keyboard starts to work and the mouse is able to select anything! Any ideas what is causing the delay. I have installed the latest vmwaretools.

    I’ve also noticed the launchpad seems to be really sluggish. Am wondering if it has anything to do with the same issue….

    Worked fine with the Lion VM but this appears to be specific to the Mountain Lion VM build. If you have any pointers as to what might be causing it/how to further debug it I’sbe very grateful.

    Thanks for such a great job!


    • ZackehSoul says:

      Launchpad is just a graphics thing we think, we’ll take a look. As for the boot time, you could just build a kernelcache

  17. Spock2112 says:

    Anything needed to get this running in a Linux host (apart from VMWare Player)?

  18. raf924 says:

    Hi, just downloaded and installed the new version on VMWare 9 on Ubuntu 12.04, and I got to hand it to you, it works (almost) perfectly : no lags, no crashes etc… BUT (yes there is a but) I can’t seem to get sound from the virtual machine. I mean, it’s not choppy or anything, it’s just not there. when playing a song on iTunes, I check my host OS (Ubuntu) sound manager and according to it, VMWare doesn’t emit any sound. So, does that come from your release or my software?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      That’s more likely to be because you’re running it via Ubuntu, works fine our end. Have you specified your sound card in the VM settings?

    • Luigi says:

      just in case someone else have this problem with linux/ ubuntu…

      stop your vm
      open a console and enter
      aplay -L

      open the vmx file of your machine and change the sound settings part:

      sound.fileName = “front:CARD=Intel,DEV=0″
      sound.autodetect = “FALSE”

      based on the aplay -L output “play” around with sound.fileName entry…

      sound works great for me now!

  19. Gordon says:

    Vmware 9, 10.8.2 starts and runs OK. I can’t get VMTOOLS to install. I ran (as administrator) the VMWARE unlocker. It appears to run OK, the darwin.iso ends up in the vm directory.

    When I click VM, install VMWARE tools; could not find component on Update server…. etc message pops up.

    If I load DARWIN.ISO attached to virtual CD, it appears on virtual desktop, I can run it, but during the intsall stage, the progress bar stops and it appears that it has locked up.


  20. Sush says:

    Great stuff Zack! got mostly everything to work with VM WS 8 and 10.8.2 – however i still get the iCloud login issue: ” The Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account”

    any thoughts?

    Edit: Oh and one last thing, very very minor. but is there a way to get the transparent bar at the top?


    • ZackehSoul says:

      The iMessage fix will fix iCloud too. And I’m not sure about the bar, is it not just a setting?

      • Sush says:

        Yup applied the fix and it worked great. BUT reverted back because having full screen is more important than having iCloud working.

        The bar is a setting. But I’ve never been able to figure out how to make it appear in any version of OSX/VMware. On other Macs I’ve worked on the setting is visible but I’ve never seen it in OSX/VMware. No biggie though.

        Thanks again for putting out these toys so the rest of us can play!

  21. miro says:

    Hi Zack,

    Thanks for all your great contribution!

    I don’t know how to install VMWARE Tools.
    I downloaded your link of VMWARE Tools from (http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?y62slgrtyz9iwnz)
    But I’m not really sure what to do with it.
    I am assuming that will fix the resolution, mouse and numlock issues I listed below.
    1. I would like to maximize the resolution of the screen.
    2. Every time I move the mouse “NumLock” icon shows up in the middle of the screen.
    3. The mouse disappears after 10mins in the Mac OS 10.8.2.
    Intel i7-3517U CPU
    64bit OS
    VMWARE 9.0.812388
    Steps Completed:
    Installed VMWARE 9.0.812388

    I ran …\OS X Mountain Lion\VMware Unlocker – Mac OS X Guest\VMware 8.x Series\VMware Workstation Unlocker – Windows\install.exe successfully.

    I ran OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2 VM and that was successful as well.

    I am able to see the Mac Os and log-in just fine.

  22. Brian says:

    Hey Zach,

    Great Stuff! Couple of questions. I didn’t have a imessage.vmx when i unzipped the 10.8.2 7zip file. Is that the imessage fix i see you talking about? Also i see the Vmware tools thats on your Media fire was put on there on 8/24/12 is that the right version? Lastly i also noticed there is a VMsvga v1.2.5d6 that was just uploaded. If i install that will it help me change my resolution?

    Thanks for all your help man! Your rock!

    • Brian says:

      Ok… Update… I found the imessage.vmx, VMware tools, Do i really need? And the VMSVGA update i installed and its great! fixed the resolution issue.

      Now… Question is running the imessage.vmx, Yes im having the mouse issue everyone else is, plus my sound went away. It doesn’t even recognize my audio device now. I looked and noticed its set as a Windows 7 machine. When i changed that to OSX 10.7×64 i wont boot. It just sits at the loading Darwin/x86 screen. Does this have to do with the EFI Boot not being used now? I also tried deleting the .kext file you recommended and it didn’t do anything. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!

      • ZackehSoul says:

        I’ve spoken to you about the mouse issue so I’ll miss that out here. As for sound, you need to install VoodooHDA. The reason it’s not installed already is it would be used by the people running from EFI and that’s a very undesirable option.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Yeah, the iMessage fix came to me about an hour after I posted all the images. Kinda annoying. You need to download the files in the fix folder and follow that guide to sort it out for yourself. The VMware Tools we host is always the latest because I just extract them whenever I get a Fusion update. VMsvga is a beta made by Zenith that fixes a few issues, I haven’t myself tested it on the iMessage build but I expect it could solve the issues.

  23. Ryan says:


    Thanks for the video about installing mountain lion on pc, I got everything working and resolution is perfect, however i have two issues i’d appreciate if you could share any ideas you have.

    1. The audio seems to work, but it stutters, I tried youtube and Itunes and the problem is the same.

    2. The overall smoothness of animations is a little poor, It seems like it uses a virtual gpu with only 128mb, my real gpu has 3gb of ram so it’s just not used.

    Any ideas?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Audio drivers are different for everybody, you can try using VoodooHDA or maybe Ensoniq Audio. As for graphics, running in a Virtual Platform is never going to provide perfect graphics. All you can do it install either the Tools or VMsvga and hope for the best. If you want to do more, you can search for ported drivers for your Graphics card which may help the issue.

  24. Mayur Sirwani says:

    Which is the best OSX for native install whose success rate have been good. I wasn’t able to boot 10.8 via unibeast

  25. Sander says:

    thx man, works like a charm

  26. Alex says:

    Hmm, seems to run great until I install the latest VM tools (which BTW installed without any warning this time Great job!) I am having a weird issue with my mouse. When I click it thinks I clicked about 100 pixels to the left and 20 pixels or so up from where I actually clicked the mouse. So for example when I click the File menu in Finder it opens up the Apple menu. The mouse works fine prior to installing the VM tools. I am using VMWare 9.0.0 build-812388 hosted on Windows 7 Enterprise, 64-bit 6.1.7601, Service Pack 1. Any ideas how to fix the mouse issue? Help me find a fix, and I will throw a few dollars in the plate for the hosting costs.

  27. B O says:

    hey there. worked like a charm, thanks!
    (vmware player 5.latest; running in Win 7).

    i got via torrent the file
    OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 VMware Image.7z
    and its md5 hash was

    Is that the right/good file?

  28. kb098 says:

    Thx for the direct links…

  29. Ben says:

    Hi ZackehSoul,
    I ran the unlocker and it unlocked vmware to run OS X but it only lists up to 10.7. It doesn’t run your vmware image as it’s 10.8.2

    So I’m confused as to why the unlocker included only unlocks up to 10.7. even though you include a 10.8.2 image?

    I ended up downloading another vmware image of 10.7 and it works.

    By the way your torrent link doesn’t work. I ended up downloading your torrent via the ~ bay. I think it may have been repackaged by someone else though, you should check it out as it may give you a bad name because I’m pretty sure I got a crappy virus from the guide links inside it…

    • ZackehSoul says:

      The unlocker unlocks all the supported options in VMware, so older versions will unlock lower OS X versions. The ones on TPB are hosted by SoulUploader which is trusted – only download from there. It’s possible the Hardware Bypasser is flashing up as a false report though, if it is that then it’s not an issue.

      • Ben says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        I managed to get the unlocker to work, yet OS X just seems to crash. The Apple logo appears, then the screen goes black and back to the vmware logo, then back to the Apple logo… stuck in a loop…
        Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

  30. Andy says:

    Just installed eveything like you showed,, and everything workes :)
    The reasong why i wanted a hackingtosh,, was garageband,, but it¨s not included,, but i manage to install a ilife11 og a update from apples’s site.. and now everything just works… :) so here’s a thanks from a VERY happy hackintosher

    Gretting from Andy

  31. Andre says:

    Hey Zach! Thanks a lot! excellent stuff. I manage to get everything working, but its slow to open apps and folders, let alone other heavier apps. Also I tried to add vRam and its stuck with 128 that i got when installed the vmware tools. Also, I have a 2gb nvidia graphics card and even after trying with kext wizzard I had no success to make it visible to the mac. Any ideas or help? Am I doing anything wrong or is it that slow anyway?

  32. Krusty says:

    Thanks for a great release of OS X 10.8.2! Unfortunately it didn’t work at all on ESXi 5.1 without modifying the OS X VM. Here is how I did it:

    Upload and register the OS X VM to the ESXi server. Start the VM and you will get an error “Unsupported and/or invalid disk type”:


    Convert the disk in ESXi Shell (SSH):

    vmkfstools -i SERVERNAME.vmdk -d thin THIN_SERVERNAME.vmdk

    Delete the existing Hard disk in Hardware Settings and import the previously converted Hard disk. You can delete the “old” VMDK file if you want. Power on the VM and let OS X boot. Create a user account and log in. As expected the network adapter and screen resolution don´t work.

    Install VMware Tools provided by this site and reboot the VM. Hopefully the network adapter will work (mine didn’t). If the network doesn’t work, you could try to remove the existing network adapter in the VM settings and add a new (E1000). Everything will works just fine, except…

    The only problem is that VMware Tools doesn’t work in terms of shut down or restart the OS X VM. After a VNC-session to the OS X VM, the options “Shut Down Guest” and “Restart Guest” disappears from the VM settings in vSphere Client and you can’t restart, shut down or auto shut down the VM properly. Weird…

  33. declan says:

    I dont know how to install vmware tool can you help :)

  34. Mayur says:

    I’m getting an error powering on this VM. It says “Mac OSX is not supported with binary translation. To run Mac OSX you need a host on which VMWare Workstation supports Intel VT-x or AMD-V”

    • Mayur says:

      WOW, OK, got it working! Got to the desktop, got Internet, got SOUND, awesome awesome! At first, I was having the issue described above, but it’s all sorted. Here is what I did

      Firstly, even if the Intel utils say your chipset supports VT-x, it DOESN’T mean it’s turned on in BIOS. You would think it should coincide, but it doesn’t. Check your BIOS. I assumed if the Intel utility says it’s supported that meant it’s turned on. Wrong.

      Secondly, some suggestions on other sites to change the the guestOS setting in the .vmx file to “other” doesn’t work. I changed it back to what was included in this build.

      Thirdly, I DID do an upgrade to Workstation 9 for the VM. I remember reading somewhere it’s not OK to do this but I did it, and I’m able to do everything with this that I need to do so far. No issues with it that I can see.

  35. phixius says:

    This runs amazing on my Asus Zenbook, never expected it to be this smooth, thank you so much ZackehSoul!

    I ran Geekbench and it scored 6500, which ranks right next to the latest 13″ Pro models, I couldn’t believe it :) . I’ll be chipping in a few euros asap once it’s fully configured to my likings!

    One question though: is it possible to get dual monitors working? If so, how?

    Thanks again!

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Dual monitors is something I’ve never looked at. I guess if you configure your Windows environment to be spread across two screens, by default your VMware environment should span the dual monitors too if you have VMware Tools installed and configured properly (and you go into fullscreen mode). I haven’t really ever thought about doing this, so let me know if you can confirm either way!

    • Pascal says:

      Hey phixius. I have the Asus Zenbook UX32VD. Do you have the same? Mine does not run perfectly. Can you maybe post your settings here? I have huge problems with vmware tools that the system freezes. It worked than at the end but now I dont have the share folder and if I try to install it again it freezes all the time again. Hope you can help me. Thx

  36. UK says:

    Just installed and everything is working good and fast, except when I click in Launchpad it freezes for 20-30 seconds (and in these moments I see vmware is using about 25% of CPU, then after that is working fine,

    I dont know but this is happening after Ive installed VMWare Tools,

    My system
    VMWare 9, your default vmware settings except that Ive setted 2cpu and 2gb ram (from my intel i7 and 6gbram)

    What can be the problem? everything else seems working fine. Thank you.

    • UK says:

      Ive tried 10.8 and launchpad is working fine but i cant work with xcode there, what to do? :(

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Try editing the VMX file in Notepad and changing smc.present to TRUE

    • Mayur says:

      I’m finding that Launchpad is a tad slower than all other functions on mine too. However, I’m using an i7 with 32 gigs or ram on a new machine so Launch pad is maybe 1 or 2 seconds behind all the other apps. Do you have a newer machine?

      • UK says:

        Hmmm Launchpad in VMWare + Amc OS X 10.8 is working fine, also is workin fine on VirtualBox + Mac OS 10.8.2 (1-2 seconds)

        and i dont have other machine, do you think that with hackintosh will work better?

  37. Mayur says:

    On a side note, I dig some digging around with shared folders and amazingly, my entire c:\users folder was shared to everyone full control!! Don’t know if it’s something the patch did or it was a pre-existing issue on my machine but you should all check that it’s not shared. I have a fresh install of Win7 64 OEM so it’s not a crippled copy. Change sharing options by right clicking c:\users or using computer manager.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      That may just be from sharing folders with VMware, I’m not sure. It’s nothing related to the patch though, you can look inside it if you wish.

  38. Dave Olmsted says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get this VMWare Workstation vm to run on ESXi 5.1? I can get it to run just fine on VMWare workstation but I take the directory to my ESXi 5.1 server and never get past the gray apply screen. Any suggestions would be appropriated.

  39. PTmax says:

    Hello ZackehSoul and thanks for your builds!
    I downloaded and installed the latest build today, (I’m total noob btw), and I also installed the Tools from your MediaFire folder. Some questions:

    1) Do I need to install the update fixer I see at your downloads section?
    2) I cannot enter unity mode in VMPlayer because it says that the Tools I use is an outdated version. Any thoughts?
    3) What’s the “VMsvga2_v1.2.5_OS_10.6-10.8″ on mediafire folder for?
    4) The graphic performance is a little laggy, can I do something to improve it? Do I have to install GPU drivers? (Nvidia card)
    5) Do you (or anybody) know if it could improve the overall performance if I use VMWare Workstation instead of Player?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      No fixer is needed if you have a corresponding image. VMsvga is an alternate graphics driver to VMware Tools. Tools are the latest version on Mediafire, and Workstation will always be better than Player, although I’m not entirely sure it’d help in this situation.

  40. EmlParq says:

    Works great with VMWare 9, hosted by W7..

    But what is the admin password in Mountain Lion?

  41. hub says:

    Hi! Thank for the great job!
    I have an issue with size of vmdk: OS X tells that she occupied about 35Gb but vmdk size is 90Gb.
    vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -k image_name.vmdk didn’t help.

  42. halfway39 says:

    thanx for the 10.8.2 update..works like a charm!!

  43. Aries R says:

    Hi Zack, the image works like a charm. Thanks for the image. I’ve also installed the VMWare Tools successfully. But, I cannot access my USB FlashDisk directly from the guest OS. Is there any solution for this? I want to create a USB installer for Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (for hackinstosh since there is graphic performance drawback in using VM).

  44. Smily says:

    Hi Zach. Thanks for the excellent tutorial. Got the image running without a glitch.
    Just need to resolve the resolution issue, but it seems the mediafire link you’ve provided for VMware tools is not working.
    Please provide another link?

  45. rimshak says:

    Thank you guys! and thank you again.
    VERY usefull.

  46. qinking says:

    how do i install vmware tools. I have vmware 8.05 installed. when I install vmware tools, I got this error message ” could not find component on update server.

    I downloaded the vmare tools from mediafire. there’s no readme file, not sure how to get it installed. please help

  47. Paul G says:

    Thank you very much for all your great work. I have a quick question… I installed VMware Tools from your Mediafire folder (Install VMware Tools.zip). Should I also install darwin.iso? What is darwin.iso anyway? Thank you again!

  48. ManchesterHustler says:

    Hey pal

    Thanks for 10.7.3 VirtualBox image, it’s working brilliantly.

    Just wondering if you are thinking of making a VirtualBox image of this build as well. I’m currently trying to find a way around it, but I’m not sure how I’m going to get it too work.

    If anybody can help with this at all, it would be greatly, if not then thank you for your time anyway :)

  49. ManchesterHustler says:

    Hey Zack
    First and foremost, brilliant job on OS X Lion 10.7.3, works beautifully after a little tweaking in the VirtualBox settings.
    Secondly, I was wondering if you were going to make a VirtualBox image for 10.8.2 at all, I can’t afford VMware on an apprentice wage, so need to get it working on VB.
    If not then I’ll try and fine a way around it, help from anybody would be greatly appreciated.


  50. baz willrun says:

    Hi there hope you can help me.
    Have a graphics problem.
    All updates done and latest flash player installed and working according to the Flash Version page.
    Youtube vids just wont play in Safari or firefox with or without flash accleration setting on, i just get a black box and audio just crackles and breaks up a couple of times it started to work but was flickering badly then stopped.
    if I play a vid in VLC player it plays fine and audio seems ok, audi starts off starts of breaking up but after a few seconds audio seems to settle down.

    word and excel on Mac is fine displays all graphics text etc
    iWorks – Pages wont display any text or graphics but they show in print preview and saved as pdf they are fine.

    same in iWeb open a template up but nothing shows , in print preview its all there just wont show on screen, everything else seems to be fine.
    have tried different screen res but nada
    iPhoto shows thumbs etc but wont show pic in full screen, but Zee which i d/loaded does show them in full screen.

    i’d be grateful for any ideas or suggestions as apart from that it seems to work fine

  51. vin says:

    I need to change the resolution because my monitor is 24″. I have a pretty fast computer, so I just need to know a way to change the resolution of this MAC OS. (When I click on install VMware tools, it says that it can’t connect to its server.)

  52. Radek says:

    Got it running, and I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put into this.

  53. Alex says:

    I just find you..Great job…Thanks a lot for your releases… :)

  54. Jason F says:

    Wow, this is excellent and could save me a lot of headaches with development between my PC and my Mac! I am having trouble starting it up, however. I have tried with VMWare Player 4 and VMWare Player 5. I have unlocked the VMWare to allow Mac OS X guest OS’s and I have tried the 10.8.2 and 10.7.5 OS X operating systems. They both do the same thing, which is nothing. I followed the directions in the video exactly, but when I start the VM, it goes to the VMWare logo screen with a grey background and stays there. No Apple logo, no sounds, no movement. Just the VMWare logo staring back at me. I even verified that VT was Enabled in my BIOS (It was by default).

    I’m running Windows 7 64-bit and attempting to install run either the Lion or the Mountain Lion OS.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  55. syed kamran akhter says:

    When i share a folder than restart my mac osx 10.8.2 vmware machine, it does’nt appears in the desktop!!!
    Share folder is not working … please help!!

  56. Nico says:

    worked without a hitch on VMWare Player 5.0.1, thanks!

  57. shiv says:

    i install everything but when i start mac os stop symbol occur…

  58. j4mi3 says:

    hi guys, i downloaded from the direct links and there doesn’t seem to be a vmx file anywhere, anyone go any ideas?

  59. Coords says:

    I have an issue with one of the two OSX VM’s that I have. I have an OSX 10.7 & an OSX 10.8 VM. The video performance of the 10.7 VM is vastly superior to that of the 10.8 VM. Is there anyway I can compare the video settings/video drivers with each other to see what makes the 10.7 so much faster?

    I would really appreciate any info you could give on this issue. I’d prefer to use my 10.8 VM, but hte video performance is quite annoying.

  60. detroid says:

    Hi guys, I have a very strongy ivy bridge gaming pc. I just installed this thing and it works fine! I’ve attempted to increase the resolution but I’m capped to 1024×768. How do I fix this and how do I allow the VMware to take advantage of gpu?

  61. Mika says:

    Thanks for all your hard work and the great tutorials, on Youtube and here.

    I’m running the ML image in Workstation 9 and it’s running smoothly, updated to 10.8.2 without a hitch.

    The only issue I have is that I can’t enable Unity. I’ve installed Tools successfully, but upon trying to enter all I get is “not supported on this guest OS”.

    What I want to know is, do you know whether it’s even possible to get it to work? Have you heard of anyone running OSX host in Unity mode in vmWare Workstation on a Windows box?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Unity doesn’t work that way, as Mac isn’t officially supported through Workstation unfortunately. I haven’t looked at that, so maybe someone has done it elsewhere, but I can’t help ):

  62. dju35 says:

    Hi, thanks for this, just one issue for me, when i install vmware tools, i can’t mount cdrom, i connect it but never appear in guest.

    Can you help me


  63. Muhammad Wahhab Mirza says:


    Zack my keyboard is not working in the vmware 8 and Mountain lion x 10.8 although i have changed the option use if available could you suggest me the solution of problem


  64. Muhammad Wahhab Mirza says:

    Zack plz could you guide me my mouse is working perfectly in mac os x 10.8 mountain lion but keyboard is not working properly


  65. theb3arjew says:

    I can’t find the download link for the 10.8.2 image. The link just leads me back to the tutorial.

  66. gaurav says:

    hey I salute you for all the hard work that you have put in , but the problem is I am stuck at first step
    :( , your torrent link for 10.8.2 version redirects to your youtube video
    how to download the image ? please help

  67. gaurav says:

    Hey guys please help , i had been running the mountain lion on vmware player on win7 but i upgraded to win 8 now when i extracted the image downloaded it showed the file size to be zero , so i downloaded the image again IN THE WINRAR IT SHOWS 4.34 GB BUT ON EXTRACTION THE IMAGE SHOWS 0 BYTES PLEASE HELP I AM DYING :(

  68. ben says:

    Hey Zach, I recently installed your VM image of Lion and my firewall keeps popping up a worm alert, specifically threat: win32/exploit. cve-2009-3103. Can you confirm that this is caused by the hardware tool? I’d like to assume you guys aren’t using this medium to zombie anonymous pc’s due to your extensive implementation, but the notification has been fairly constant so I’d much appreciate an explanation. Thanks in advance!

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Yeah it’s the hardware tool, just because of it way it unpacks an .exe. We’re probably going to take this out of the download and just add a link to a download for it to avoid the virus reports.

  69. Question says:

    I have been able to run this on VMWare Workstation for Linux. Do the VMWare Tools work?

  70. vatselan says:

    Hey Zack!

    Thanks for giving windows users the pleasure of mac, I appreciate this.

    I am having an HP notebook with Beats audio and Nvidia cuda enabled graphics.

    I installed, everything is working fine but here are few issues:

    1) In Notification center when I clicked tweet a transparent box appeared with no share or tweet button.
    2) Sound breaks in between while on any application ( itunes, browsers, etc)
    3) Graphics is very choppy.

    While I was reading the comments above found a link to your mediashare files repo can u tell which files do I need to install to fix these issues?

    Also I have already installed darwin.iso can I install latest VMTools on top of it or I have to rollback to fresh install?

  71. question1 says:

    Great work, Thanks for the image.
    I have installed successfully on Windows8 the build
    8.0.1 build-528992. However the screen resizing does not work properly. This seems to be handled by VMware Tools, but I do not manage to install them.
    Each time I get the message : could not find object on update server”
    could anyone point me in the right direction on where I can find the VMware tools for this build and how to resolve this issue?
    thanks, help is much appreciated.

  72. dog says:

    there is no vmware-vmx-patch-(x32).exe file plz help can not patch !

  73. Call911 says:

    i have 12GB ram and intel i5 2410m processor and intel HD 3000 graphics card + AMD radeon hd 7400m and i’m using win8 64bit

    can i run final cut pro x ??

  74. Andreas says:

    millions thanks for this m8!!!
    Works like a charm :) No problems
    Thanks for doing this.

  75. Eric says:

    Hey, I’m big fan of SoulDevTeam. Everything from the videos to the VM images are top-notch.

    I’m curious, I’m using a Dell Latitude laptop and was able to run this image in VMware Player 5 without having to run the unlocker or any other utilities.

    Does Player 5 not require any unlocking?

  76. mike says:

    Hi Zack,

    I have the message: A virtual CPU has entered the shutdown state. This would have caused a physical machine to restart. This can be caused by an incorrect configuration of the virtual machine, a bug in the operating system or a problem in the VMware Workstation software. Press OK to restart the virtual machine or Cancel to power off the virtual machine.

    I have searched the web around but can’t find some information to solve it.

    Is this normal?

    I’m running VMware 7.1.3
    Windows 7
    Ivy bridge i5

  77. yali says:

    i forgot my username and password for the account, how do i restart or reset the image? It goes to the login screen and has no area to do a reset…please help!

  78. ivansla says:

    Hi guys, I successfully managed to start the Mountain Lion, and everything seems to work perfectly. However I have a simple question. The End and Home button on my keyboard are not working. Is there some different shortcut for these buttons or I need somehow to activate them?

  79. Joe says:

    I successfully installed the virtual machine. It works well, but the shared folder does not appear in Mac OS X, though it is set to always be enabled.4
    I downloaded the VMware tools from your link, as I always received the network error when I tried installing it normally. It downloaded and installed successfully. However, the virtual machine does not load when I restart it. An error occurs, I tried copying it, but it doesn’t stay on screen for too long. I happened to see something about the kernel, and many other lines of error… it restarts, cycles again, tried to load, then errors out again.
    Why am I getting this error and how can I fix it. Thanks.

    • Joe says:

      Also, the only way I was able to successfully start OSX before I installed VMware tools was by running the AMDkernel. I have an AMD A8-3510.
      Nobody never mentions to run that in their tutorials. I tried running the vm dozens of times unsuccessfully until I read somewhere on a board like this that you need to do that first on an amd machine.
      I finally took a snapshot of the error.
      It doesn’t say much, or at least something in particular. The only error I see is a debugger error called a kerner panic.
      Please help

      • Joe says:

        I finally found a solution. At least it seems to work well, with no reoccurance (kernel panic) so far except when i try to install vmware fusion to try to create a windows vm for my friend who owns a mac. all other software seems to work well. including the apps i installed.
        i used the guide from http://www.robservatory.com/?p=809 to correct the kernel panic at startup.
        but from trial and error i found if i reverted back before i installed vmware tools ans then load the darwin_snow.iso fromm the snow leopard files from your site http://j.gs/1421644/mac-os-x-snow-leopard-vmware-files, it installs a working copy of vmware tools to mountain lion with no problems at all. it actually works smoothly after the second bootup. i installed the files for vga drivers from your downloads, and it improves things even more.
        hope this helps everyone with the same problem with vmware tools.

      • ZackehSoul says:

        Use the AMD build on our site. Latest post.

        • Joe says:

          I’ve tried the latest vm from your site. Anytime I try to install the latest vmware tools from your site the vm has a kernel panic.
          I have found that the darwin.iso used for snow leopard and the one for lion work flawlessly. (so far so good)

  80. baz willrun says:

    Repost as i think something has gone awry with my original

    Hi there hope you can help me.
    Have a graphics problem.
    All updates done and latest flash player installed and working according to the Flash Version page.
    Youtube vids just wont play in Safari or firefox with or without flash accleration setting on, i just get a black box and audio just crackles and breaks up a couple of times it started to work but was flickering badly then stopped.
    if I play a vid in VLC player it plays fine and audio seems ok, audi starts off starts of breaking up but after a few seconds audio seems to settle down.

    word and excel on Mac is fine displays all graphics text etc
    iWorks – Pages wont display any text or graphics but they show in print preview and saved as pdf they are fine.

    same in iWeb open a template up but nothing shows , in print preview its all there just wont show on screen, everything else seems to be fine.
    have tried different screen res but nada
    iPhoto shows thumbs etc but wont show pic in full screen, but Zee which i d/loaded does show them in full screen.

    i’d be grateful for any ideas or suggestions as apart from that it seems to work fine

  81. matty says:

    Hi, I cant get youtube or any other video to work, everything else works fine apart from sound…please help!

  82. Michael says:

    Sorry if this has been covered or is a dumb question. I downloaded the files from your torrent link and extracted them, ran the .vmx file (changed to 2GB of RAM) and clicked “I copied it” like you did in the video. It goes to the Apple logo with the animated gif, but it just sits there. I know you said in the video it takes a few minutes, but I let it spin for 20 minutes and nothing happened, restarted the VM and let it run another 5 minutes, and still nothing.

    I have an i7 processor with 8GB of RAM, hardware virtualization is enabled in BIOS, VMware Workstation 9.0.1, no errors or warning messages. Any advice? Thanks!

    • Michael says:

      Nevermind, apparently the VMware unlocker didn’t run correctly because I didn’t run it in administrator mode. Working fine now and is incredibly responsive, thanks so much!

  83. ss says:

    boots up, works for a couple of minutes and freezes.

    Phenom II X2 550 BE
    Zotac GeForce 9800 GT 1 GB
    4 GB 1333 MHz RAM

  84. Vipul Anand says:

    Does this torrent serves the AMD Phenom IIx4 955 3.2GHz?

  85. Vipul Anand says:

    Hi Zack,

    Does this VMware image install serves AMD Phenom IIx4 955 3.2GHz

  86. Muhamamd says:

    Hello ,
    First of all thank you for this huge effort.
    I’ve downloaded and installed OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 , but unfortunately I noticed that the OSX is running slowly.
    My Processor installed in the Virtual Machine is 2.38 GHz and the Memory is 2GB.
    So I’d be happy if you can suggest me some ways to make it faster.
    Thank You.

  87. Joseph P. says:

    I’m getting errors when try to boot.
    when i try to “Power On” first i get:
    “Binary translation is incompatible with long mode on this platform. Disabling long mode. Without long mode support, the virtual machine will not be able to run 64-bit code. For more details see http://vmware.com/info?id=152.”
    Then if i press “OK” i get
    “Mac OS X is not supported with binary translation. To run Mac OS X you need a host on which VMware Workstation supports Intel VT-x or AMD-V.”

  88. Pascal says:

    Hey and thanks for all the work.
    I have a short question: Is it okay if I go to the appstore, to buy for example keynote? Don’t know if I should login with my account.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      There have been no reported issues relating to doing that (I do it myself). So it’s your call if you want to or not, obviously I can’t promise Apple will never change their minds on turning a blind eye to it.

    • Zero says:


      first of all thanks to Soul Dev Team for this workaround to use OSX under VMware!

      I’ve installed Keynote ’11 to this VM, but it doesn’t works. I can see one black slide when i open a presentation instead of the slides and get the “Your computer may not have enough video random-access memory (VRAM) to play the slideshow at the current screen resolution.” error when i try to play it. I’ve installed VMware Tools and svga2 also, and the VM has 128MB VRAM but i think the problem is still with the graphics driver.

  89. Jackomo says:

    I’ve got the Mac OS X 10.8.2 (without iMessage) up and running on Workstation 9.0.1 build-894247 on Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit 6.1.7601, Service Pack 1.

    My problem is that when I download the file “Install VMWare Tools.zip” from http://www.mediafire.com/zackehsoul and try to install it on the OS X guest system, it hangs about a quarter of the way through. I also tried the “VMsvga2_v1.2.5_OS_10.6-10.8.pkg” file which also hangs.

    I read that TED had this same issue but somehow when he restarted the installation had worked. When I powered the VM down and back up, VMWare Tools wasn’t installed.

    Can you offer any advice on this issue?

    thanks in advance!

  90. Kris says:

    Hi, I installed this VM, but iBooks Author does not work correct. The program opens, but when I want to edit text orbimages, I can’t see and select any.
    Have you got any solution for this issue?

  91. Gouda says:

    First of all, these builds are great. Thank you for all your hard work!

    A question (probably a stupid one):

    Is there any way to upgrade a Soul Dev Team VMware 10.7.x image to 10.8.x, rather than starting from scratch with a 10.8.x image? I have some Mac software installed that does hardware-based license validation, and unfortunately it sees a fresh 10.8.x image as a totally new and separate computer, and thus won’t validate. Is it possible to upgrade instead of starting fresh?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Hm. Want me to make something for that?

      • Gouda says:

        Thanks for the response!

        Not necessarily. For now, it’s just a theoretical question. I’m still OK using 10.7.5, so it hasn’t been an issue yet. I was curious how it might work (if at all) if I ever needed to upgrade.

        You think it’s possible? How would it work? Would I need an App Store copy of OS X 10.8.x? Or would there be some sort of separate Soul Dev Team upgrade image? Or would it just be a different type of Update Fixer?

        Thanks in advance ZackehSoul!

        • ZackehSoul says:

          Erm, I’d personally recommend against it. The method I’d take would be to make a backup of everything and then move it onto a ML image. I could probably make a 10.7.x -> 10.8.x fixer based on my initial 10.8.x work from way back, but you’d need your own installer.

  92. Kris says:

    I succesfully installed the VM on my win8-PC. But when I install and run iBookAuthor I cannot edit or make any books. I don’t see titels, backgrounds, … so there is nothing to edit. Can you help me with this one?


    • Bart says:

      Same problem here.
      I run MacOsX Mountain Lion 10.8.2 virtual in VmWare. Also installed the VmWare Tools.
      After installing iBooks Author, I can start the program but the editor windows stays empty. Only when I click on the 2 ‘orientation’ buttons, I see a flash on the editor window, only a second…
      So, it’s not possible to change the content.
      (side notice: the access settings are ok, cause I can save files)

  93. Reverate says:

    Hey guys, booted up Mac OS X Mountain Lion absolutely fine on my AMD pc. However, when I install darwin tools I get Kernel Panic on reboot. Anyone experienced this/fixed this issue?

  94. six says:

    From the looks of it full screen isn’t working yet correct?

    The only option I have is 1280×768.

  95. Big_Daz says:

    Has anyone to IBook author working on this version. running on win7 and build 10.7.3 the edit page always came out blank. Will upgrade wo 10.8.2 if this works.

    Many thanks


  96. Brian S says:

    Finally a great version. Thanks Zack!

    Question, trying to finalize the display settings. Downloaded the VMWare Tools from your media folder shared above.

    Question, can you provide a step by step on how to map the directory so I can run the .app setup for your vmware tools? As well as increasing the vram to to use my 660TI’s memory of 2GB, I would like to use.. say 512MB of that while I am in VM.

    I have looked everywhere, just want to run this on the 1920 x 1080 setting. I will be contributing as well. Thanks again! Look forward to your response.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      1) Try VMsvga instead if VMware Tools doesn’t work (I think that’s what you’re asking?).
      2) You just double click the .app in the VM and it’ll install.
      3) Google that, there’s documentation on VMware’s KB.

  97. Bosanceros says:

    Hi, sorry if this has been covered but I don’t have input when the image has loaded. Nothing happens when I move mouse or use the keyboard.

  98. sailing says:

    Is there a working mountain lion vmware image that has face time working?

  99. Jeremy Hansel Gonzal says:

    Great work, ZackehSoul.

    Although, I have a triple fault issue.

    1. I’ve confirmed my processor supports virtualization(Core 2 Duo E7400)
    2. I’ve used the unlocker patch(install.cmd) and ran it as administrator.
    3. I’ve tried both 10.8 and 10.8.2 images but I get the same triple fault error in vm log(shutdown state).
    4. I’ve searched all over for the same issue and any fix anybody found for it, but I seem to be alone.

    I’m currently brushing up on my Mac OS X skills(job related) so this would be a tremendous help for me if I get it to work. Thanks in advance.

  100. Mikun says:

    Hi Zack,

    First of all, thank you for your work, it’s working perfectly on my PC until this morning where I can’t seem to have internet acces from the VM. I tried to change the NAT config in VMWare to Bridged but it was the same.
    Then I tried to completly delete the VM, redownload it and installing it but there again, during the installation after the keyboard choice it requires an internet connection that can’t be find.

    I will continue to investigate the problem but if you have a few hints that would be much apreciated !

    Thanks in advance

  101. Vjetar says:

    Succesfuly updated to 10.8.3
    Host: Windows 8 x64
    CPU: i7-950
    VMware Workstation 9.0.2 build-1031769

  102. naeem says:

    how you compress 10 gb image in to 3 gb i also want to compress my vmware hard drives but i did,nt find any tool is will be very grate ful if you tell me how to compress a 15 gb vmware hard to 3 or 4 gb wating for your reply

  103. Danny D says:

    Absolute legends!!!!, finally after a good 6 months of trial and error (and making a few minor adjustments of my own) have mountain lion running side by side with Win8 Pro and at FULL speed. Awesome job, Awesome instructions and tutorial vids, awesome explainations and looking forward to Maverick full version. Thanks So Very Much!! it has just made my work a million times easier as a multi-platform Web & G-designer!

  104. Saeed says:

    The video was great(seemed very easy process) to watch. May be you have already heard this kind of question but still,
    My Laptop config is:
    HP Probook 4430s with
    Intel core i5-2430M 2.4GHz
    6 GB DDR3 RAM and Intel HD Graphics 3000
    Running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
    will i be able to run Mountain lion in this process? I am willing to try it for the first time. I just want to make sure that, i am not running into any/big trouble. Many many thanks in advance…

  105. Matthew says:


    Thanks for the great job you have done. I follewed carefully the guide but I have a problem with the first boot. The virtual machine stops in the gray screen where there is the vmware logo and the installation doesn’t start. I have an Asus x5mta notebook, motherboard n53ta, cpu amd a6, all support the amd-v. What can i do?

  106. dezahynguy says:

    Works without a problem on:

    windows 7 64bit
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+
    M2N68-VM (Motherboard)

    Great work!

  107. anmedia says:

    Hello Zack, I’ve touble installing svga or vmware tools. It’seems everything I’ve tried to install returns the same error of failure. What could it be?
    I just need to work with Adobe Premiere and because of that, Open GL has to be working.
    Please help!



  108. Spock2112 says:

    I’ll answer my own question here. The VM8′s unlocker works in VMPlayer 5. The .zip file has lost the exec attributes so you need to “chmod a+x *” in the script directory. Also the script calls for “../tools” and the directory is “../Tools”, so a link or a rename cleans that up.

    VM Player 5 didn’t have the tools, but the darwin.iso you provided could be easily manually installed.


  109. Mukul Ranjan says:

    Hey m not able to install MAC OX Guest unlocker in my Ultrabook, can u provide me any alternatives.

  110. ZackehSoul says:

    Why can’t you run it? What’s the issue? If it doesn’t work, use the iMessage version.

  111. Chris M says:

    I went ahead and installed without the hardware virtualization bypasser. Everything works fine for the most part. Bumped up the cpu to 2 cores & memory up to 2gb in the vm settings. This along with installing the svga2 driver has improved the performance of the vm considerably. Hats off to the Soul Dev Team & Zenith432! Excellent work! I have tried other solutions for virtualizing Mac OSX before, but none worked nearly as well.

    The only issues I am running into is that Launchpad causes the system to appear to hang and takes quite awhile to launch. Also, graphics performance is still a bit lacking compared with Linux and Windows based guest vm’s.

  112. ZackehSoul says:

    We’re trying to sort out Launchpad, smc.present = “TRUE” can fix this in some cases. Graphics will never be *as* good without specialised drivers.

  113. FiDo says:

    Hi Zack,
    You mentioned specialized drivers…
    I have a ATI Radeon 5470 HD on my laptop.
    I use your VMware machine and I was wondering if by specialized drivers you mean something like this: http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=1442

    Could these be used in vmware or they are for Hackintosh only?


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