Very quick post seeing as I don’t have much time right now. Some of you may know that VMware refreshed their products today, and Apple also dropped OS X 10.8.1 for Mountain Lion. In terms of VMware, we can confirm that the VMware Unlocker works for Windows versions of VMware. We can’t confirm this on Mac/Linux seeing as we haven’t tried it yet, but there is no reason why it still shouldn’t work correctly. This means you are safe to update your products to the latest versions. However we recommend that you uninstall the Unlocker, update VMware, then reinstall just to keep it nice and clean. I’m personally running an OS X 10.8.1 VMware installation with no issues. If anybody has any issues with the unlocker on this new series, please let us know in the comments. Oh, and we’ve uploaded a new version of VMware Tools to our Mediafire folder and we’ve also update the darwin.iso stored there. These tools should install just fine on Mountain Lion installations.

As for OS X 10.8.1, we haven’t tried it (widely) yet but I took a quick glance into the update and nothing jumps out at me that might cause an issue for others. Instead of going purely on me saying that however, please take a snapshot before you update in case there is some issue. Doing this will allow you to recover any data that would otherwise be lost. As I mentioned earlier, I have it running just fine on my machine, but it’s never easy to say it’ll be fine for everything. Again, please let us know in the comments if an OS X 10.8.1 VMware installation poses a problem and we’ll take a look into it ASAP, however as I said I can’t see any immediate issues. If there is an outstanding issue, then it shouldn’t take too long to track down seeing as it’s a fairly small update.

Oh, and one last thing; the issue I mentioned earlier about VMware still exists in these new products so I’ll post about that soon.

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi, Zack, thank you for your update.

    Could you tell me how to uninstall the unlocker if I were try to?

    Also, I have a very silly question. Can I install Mac 10.8 with the ISO files that I have downloaded to vmware?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. rakcs says:

    cant install update 10.8.1 via appstore.. any tips?

    • rakcs says:

      hmmm.. weird. it updated even though it said it didn’t.. but got a new problem. black screen after boot.

      i updated to 10.8.1 before updating vmware to 9.

      installed on alienware m15x win7 64bit

      items inside mountain lion are clickable. i just cant see it.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      Download the update DMG from Apple, just google it. Then install it that way.

  3. Kenrick says:

    So I updated to 9 did all u said and tried back my vm and it freeze on the apple logo :(

    Edit: Oh i found what the issue was, the hardware capability was still vmware 8

  4. Wayne says:

    Thanks Zack. I can confirm that these are working for me. I did get an error when updating to 10.8.1 but when osx launched the version was 10.8.1. I also still got an error when installing the new vmware tools but on reboot the tools worked. For some reason on boot I’m getting a black line that goes through the loading icon and then the whole screen goes black but it still boots fine

  5. Tom says:

    I downloaded your mountain lion image for vmware, but what’s the password?

  6. CoderDream says:

    Hi, Zack, I can not find the download link os-x-10-8-1 VMware image?
    Did you provide it already? thanks.

  7. Mark Ayers says:

    I gotta say, you guys are really on top of updates.

    VMWare Workstation major update and OSX minor update in the same day, and you’ve gotten both working in 24 hours. You guys are awesome.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  8. HcNguyen111 says:


    I applied the 10.8.1 update, restarted, checked that it installed in About this Mac, then applied the Login Fix, restarted, confirmed works, but then realised that my Audio is dead. The Volume icon in the Menu Bar is grey. I don’t know which update I made killed it. It was either the 10.8.1 Update or the iMessages Fix. Please help me fix the Audio driver/kext/whatever they’re called.

  9. Richie says:

    I successfully updated in VMware 9 and win 8 . Only thing it notified me that ..some error occurred and can not update. But after the restart it was fine.Couple of time freeze. Only thing in win 8 I can’t do is to install graphic tools.It says installation unsuccessful. So the display remains small.

  10. Yelnick McWawa says:

    I’m using Windows 7 (64-bit) with VMware Workstation 8.0.4 (unlocked) and your Mac OS X 10.8 image updated with 10.8.1 DMG. VMtools installation fails. The Avira Mac Security installation also fails. VMtools seems to run, but Avira Mac Security is unable to update itself and its detection files.

    What do you advise?

  11. shs says:

    Updated to 10.8.1 :)

  12. Linux1984 says:

    Awesome as always.

    Downloaded the update from apple website applied it.

    Installed your new tools.


    Cheers mate now i have OS X 10.8.1.

  13. RA56 says:

    I upgraded my VMware Player from to and got a black screen after booting. Rolled back to VMware Player 4 and was able to boot fine. I got an error after rebooting when updating to 10.8.1, but “About This Mac” shows the version as 10.8.1.

  14. Meowzilla says:

    Confirmed the unlocker works on vmware workstation 9 linux.

    VM must be upgraded to version 9 or you’ll get black screen after apple logo

    Updating to 10.8.1 no problem also

  15. Olad says:

    Can’t thank you enough for what you make possible. No problems with update to 10.8.1/VMWare9 (except what others have said – it said no update, put update had been done). Forgive me for using this medium for another question; how can I make Final Cut run in the virtual environment? Have searched to no ends for a solution… perhaps I did not search enough. Once again, many thanks for a great compilation.

  16. c3po says:

    Updated to 10.8.2 – Now VMWare Tools installs fine, But even if at system information appears an Intel HD Audio, there is no sound :(

  17. Dash says:

    For the life of me, I can’t get the imessage app working. I have seen a couple of mentions of “ Login Fix”, but I can’t seem to locate it anywhere. Can someone please point me the right direction? Running ML 10.8.2, fully functional otherwise (VMWare WS. 9 on Windows XP – Dell). Thanks in advance!

  18. xxibaalba says:

    …am I dumb or there is no download link can’t see it can’t find it…where should I click to download????? plz help!

  19. xxibaalba says:

    Thanxxxxxx… :-) …my hero :p

  20. ZackehSoul says:

    Look at the lastest image. We don’t reply if it’s already answered, for obvious reasons.

  21. brink says:

    Confirmed the unlocker works on vmware workstation 9 on windows 7.

    -Download 10.8.5
    -Run “OS X Mountain Lion.vmx”
    -Click “Upgrade this virtual machine”
    -Wizard: click Next button -> “Hardware compatibility” = “Workstation 6.5-7x”, click Next button -> choice “Alter this virtual machine”, click Next button -> click Finish button.


  22. John says:

    VMware 9 is saying Update to VMware Tools available. Can you provide this update? Thanks

  23. Chris says:

    Hi ZackehSoul,
    VMWare 9 has a USB 3 feature.
    If you try to install OS x 10.8.2 with this feature on, the OSX 10.8.2 Will go into the welcome screen.
    When you click it to continue with the OS X 10.8.2 configuration the Mouse cursor freezes. You can press CTRL ALT to get out of the VMWare Screen.

    At this point you power off the OSX 10.8.2 go to the VMWare Settings and un-check the USB 3 feature and enable the USB 2 feature.

    Then Power on the OSX 10.8 2 and once the Welcome screen comes up you will be able to mouse click it and you will be able to continue configuring the OS X 10.8.2.

    You can copy the OS X 10.8.2 directly to the VMWare 9.
    Once that is done you will see a link that says “Update this Image to Version 9″.

    Go ahead and do that.
    It will work perfectly.

    If you have a modern computer with a cpu the supports VT and it is enabled in the Bios then you DO NOT NEED to enable the VT within the VMWare.

    PS: ZackehSoul Can you create A USB 3, self install Driver Pack that we can download and install in the OS X 10.8.2 that can utilize the new USB 3 feature in VMWare 9 which works with any modern computer that supports USB 3, ports?

    Thanks ZackehSoul.

  24. Chris says:

    Hi ZackehSoul,

    The Program does work flawlessly.
    in this folder vmware-unlocker-mac-os-x-guest


    First go into your Task Manager
    Then click the Services Tab

    Scroll down and turn off your VMWare.

    Go the file in the folder listed above.


    I cannot tell you how many times this has bitten in the foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope I can save other members some grief!!!!!

  25. Chris says:

    Hi ZackehSoul,

    Most of everything is working properly for me except for my Blue Ray DVD Player.

    None of the OS X Operating Systems ecognize my Blue Ray DVD Player.

    Can you suggest something that I can try?


  26. Chris says:

    Hi ZackehSoul,
    an error comes up when trying to use FaceTime, saying “Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again.

    MY Camera works when you start FaceTime,
    My email works,
    My iMessage works,
    My App Store Works, I can buy apps,
    My iTunes works, I can buy from iTunes Store,
    My iCloud works,
    my Safari works,
    MY fast Blue Ray DVD burner works,
    My USB 2.0 ports work,

    High seep USB 3.0 ports do not work in this OS X 10.8.2. The OS X 10.8.2 has the ability to use high speed ports and if you enable this feature in VMWare 9, and you then click in the OS X 10.8.2 the mouse freezes. The only option you have at this point is to click the CTRL ALt Key to release the mouse form the OS X. You then have to use the VMWare to power off the OS X. Then chnage the settings of the USB3 back to USB 2 feore re-powering the OS X again.

    I would appreciate it someone here could help resolve the FaceTime connectivity.

    Thank you.

  27. Paul says:

    I have successfully used ur image.. and it works flawlessly.. installled vmware tools as well.i am trying to make a usb bootable image for my pendrive/usbstick.The issue am facing i cant get my usbstick to detect on guest 10.8.2 of urs.i try connecting it from bottom where it says disconnect from host and connect to additional info is.. all my usb ports are 3.0.Is there any way i could make bootable usb or get this usbstick get detected on my vmware 8.0 workstation.

  28. manish says:

    Hi ZackehSoul,

    when i run it is says something about vt-x ????????
    can u please tell me how to bypass vt-x ?
    i am using
    -Windows 8, 64-bit (Build 9200) 6.2.9200
    -vmware 9.0.1 build-894247

    • ZackehSoul says:

      I would prefer if you tell me exactly what it says, because it could be a number of things you’re referring to.

  29. Maksat says:

    Hi ZackehSoul.

    I successfully installed your image, everything works flawlessly. My only problem is that I was unable to install VMware Tools.

    I’m using Mac OS X 10.8 on VMware Workstation 8.0.4 (Win 8)

    I tried the darwin.iso in the package and the other one in your Mediafire folder, still fails installing at the end of installation.

    Can you suggest anything?

    Thank you very much!

  30. Josh Koby says:


    I managed to get Mountain Lion installed (really big thanks to you guys, I’d been having a lot of trouble trying to install OSx86) but the sound doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

    It was working right after I booted Mountain Lion for the first time, but it hasn’t been working since I installed VMsvga2. Is this a problem with VMsvga2?

    I haven’t been able to find a fix for this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the great work!

  31. David says:

    Hey could you please updated for the new vmware 10 the unlocker and the vm image dosnt work

  32. Richie says:

    Problem solved upon installing VMware Tools.
    Thank you so much

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