Had a quick look at updating to 10.7.4, and so far it seems the issues lies in AppleACPIPlatform.kext again, so just replace that and see how it goes. Your system should boot fine afterwards, but there may be a few smaller issues which remain. One such issue I’ve noticed is that somehow I’ve lost internet connectivity.

If you want, just wait until tomorrow/soon and I’ll update all the fixers etc, and I’ll make sure to have an internet fix too!

Oh, and I’ll keep updating this post on what I find, so keep watching this space.

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  1. zerocold says:

    please , does it work for AMD ??

  2. ZackehSoul says:

    How did you narrow it down to AppleSMC?

    • zinc says:

      Replacing “AppleACPIPlatform.kext” worked for me…

      Seems to run OK…should we be replacing “AppleSMC.kext” as well?

    • Peter Roos says:

      After the first update I rebootet the machine and waited for the os to come up. This took about 90 mins, after that the machine was running – until the next reboot. So next time I checked the logs, which pointed me to the AppleSMC.kext.
      Thanks to the snapshot tech it was an easy job to go back and replace the kext. This worked fine for me, so I tried on different machines, i.e. different hardware running the vm. Solved the problem (until the necessary fix from Apple).
      It may be a different story with other processors then…

  3. guido says:

    Hi Zack,

    I’m running a 10.7.3. image with VMware.
    1) Is it possible to replace the AppleSMC.kext in the image?
    2) And where can I find that file?
    3) Are you planning to realese an image of 10.7.4?

    • ZackehSoul says:

      I disagree with AppleSMC being the issue. Mine’s working fine, just a wifi issue I’m fixing. I’m releasing an image as soon as that’s sorted, along with update fixers.

      • Guido says:

        Thank you. I feel very proud and pleased for your replying. With your work, you allowed me to enter mac os in my life. I think we are living a great revolution… and there are some heroes of this revolution. And yes, I agree with you: don’t post my comment. It’s not useful for the others members. And it sounds so mellifluous. But it’s true
        Ad astra per aspera

  4. N8dog says:

    I upgraded from 10.7.2 to 10.7.4 and got it to work running your 10.7.3 upgrade fix script. The internet wasn’t working but I found this post and replaced theAppleACPIPlatform.kext as you suggested. Well, the internet started working now. My only issue now is that the vm runs slower than when I was at 10.7.2. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in your new fixers. Thanks for all the great work.

    • ZackehSoul says:

      The ACPIP fixed the Wifi? That’s strange, because I’m still having issues with the internet on my installation. There must be a couple of factors.

      • N8dog says:

        I was pleasantly surprised when its started working. On the second boot (after I replaced the ACPIP) I had a win xp VM running simultaneously on which I was using the internet. Once the boot finished (10min) and the internet was working, I was left wondering if the issue was with VMware. I also found it interesting that the 10.7.3 upgrade fix script fixed my boot (before I knew to replace the ACPIP)

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